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No money? No resources? No problem for someone like Jeanie. From no budget and no real education in marketing she laid the groundwork for what would be come a dominating marketing team.
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What is the buzzword agents are using for inbound marketing now? Digital marketing? inbound marketing? online marketing? content marketing? Just marketing? I've heard a ton of phrases thrown around so I was just curious.

I've sadly fallen off the education train. What are some of the resources you all use for staying ahead in your digital marketing efforts?

I've searched for this question for a couple years now and its always a different story, but I figure I'll ask you all anyways. 

What is your website's conversion rate? I'm talking anyone who creates a new opportunity. So new visitors to leads, customers looking into cross selling, etc...

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I know I'm not very active on here but I wanted to share our agency's digital marketing success story. I thought it would be a powerful way of giving hope to agents who are in this space.

Has anyone done a benchmark or know where to find good benchmarks for your agency? We are looking to compare how other agencies our size, revenue, customer base, etc... are doing in terms of customer retention, online sales vs phone ins, conversion rates and a few other factors. 

Sometimes I feel as though I'm the only non techy on Google + .... 
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I know you are all very motivated individuals so I wanted to let you all know that we have an online nutrition/fitness group to push and motivate each other starting Nov 4th, for those who want to Lose weight through the holidays instead of putting on that Turkey 10.

We only have room for a couple more people so if this is something you want to check out add me and shoot me a message. 

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Let's have dinner and talk about death! 

Sounds creepy but this is not some Halloween party. This is a very thought provoking video and I want to encourage everyone to check it out. 

Their website is if anyone wants to check it out.
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Thanks for the invite +Andrew Weisman. Hey everyone!
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