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8 Things I Learned From Fracturing My Ankle
I am not qualified to deal
with emergencies I fell to the ground and
immediately began screaming. I was so panicked that I couldn't even rest my
head on my backpack. I was crying and shivering and had to be told to calm
down. It didn't even occur to me that...

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The Unexpected Side Effects of a New Relationship
used to spend half my time enjoying a quiet night in and the other
half painting the town red with the craziest people I could find.
Then one day, someone came along whom I decided I'd like to be with
and things started to change. There were the more obvi...

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Writer's Block
has been two weeks, four days since my last blog post. I shamefully
admit that was resurrected from the ‘Too Shit For Blog’ folder in my
Documents Drive. I have been avoiding my blog in recent months due to a
personal fear. This
fear began some time ago ...

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A Crush is Similar to a Mosquito Bite
Ok... so it's not the most
romantic comparison ever made but hear me out. It's
a little bit frustrating. The
more you think about it, the more intense it gets. It
can prevent you from sleeping at night. The
lightest touch can send you into a frenzy. You

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PSA: New Superbug, Romanticitis
This is a public service
announcement to inform all readers of a new pandemic known as Romanticitis.
Many have witnessed or even experienced mild symptoms in the pas t, however the virus has now become medically
identified as a superbug. To prevent the spre...

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The Mature Way to Deal with a Hectic Skedge
all had those weeks where you’re constantly occupied. It starts out
with a nice dinner on Wednesday, a birthday party on Saturday and an
optometrist appointment the following Thursday. Before you know it,
something unexpected pops up that demands ...

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Five People You Meet in a Group Workout
Ok folks, for those of you who
don't speak fluid Fitness Freak, I've done the research. Below are the
CliffsNotes to people you should look out for in your first training session. The Go-Getter They're always at the front of
the pack and never appear to tir...

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The Semi-Respectable Girl's Recipe for Nightlife
Ingredients Thick heeled shoes Adorable dress Waterproof mascara Bobby pins Mints Cab fare (in cash) Rehearsed polite greeting Method Combine a comfortable dress
with thick heeled shoes to create an adorable ensemble. When selecting shoes,
ensure the heel i...

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The Advantages of Old Age
don't need a sarcastic blogger to enlighten you on the many negatives
associated with old age. Despite enduring illness and losing your
friends to disease, there are a few positives. By drawing your
attention to them, I'm hoping we can all incorporate s...

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Six Foul Aspects of Being a Writer
Before you call me a douche bag, I shall explain. I use the term 'writer' loosely to reference lifestyle rather than professional success. It's to describe the people who use writing as a way to process their lives, not because they choose to, but because t...
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