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Scotty - Hello from the frigid northeast! I've been fixing my own cars for the last 10 years, 1/4 my age and much much less experience than you! Got a problem I've never seen before. Ford 5.4 Triton engine - 2 valve - these are the ones that shoot the plugs out of the head...NOT the strange extended spark plugs that snap off IN the head in the 3 valve 5.4 (which was supposed to be a solution to the plug-popping problem somehow??)
Well, just wondering if you've encountered these particular motors and the issue of "material" building up inside the plug wells to the point where you can't get a spark plug socket to lock onto the plug hex. I got a tip from a friend "Jbrew" on who said to cut teeth into a 3/4" pipe to dig the crap out of the plug well.
I've never had trouble changing spark plugs before, and I know there are worse motors to do this on....just wondering if you've seen this occur in any vehicles you've repaired over the years.

Thanks for your awesome videos - they are entertaining and straight to the point. Keep it up man!

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