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A Birmingham girl going to Cameroon with the Peace Corps! This is her blog, in case you want to follow.

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The Last Book Club! Found!
Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix was the last selection for a Book Club this year. The Chick-Fil-A cow visited and brought lemonade coupons and stuffed toy cows! Pictures can be seen on their Facebook page and I will upload a picture!

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The Befinning of a Garden
Last Friday several classes gathered outside to plant cantelope, beans, tomatoes, and lettuce seeds in styrofoam cups. That will be the beginning of our garden at Irondale Middle! Stay tuned for more information on our progress!

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School Library Month and The Declaration for The Rights to Libraries
Have you signed a Declaration lately? It may already be out and ready to sign at your local Botanical Gardens, a museum, a public library or a school library, but this is a great time to sign a Declaration for The Rights to Libraries. This Declaration is a ...

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Upcoming Library and School Events at Irondale
It is that busy time of year for schools when testing, grant reports, sports, and fine arts events collide. There is always time for one more though. Our next event is April 15. Fine Arts Night will include a book fair in the library where you can pick up s...

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How Do You Make Budgets Stretch in a Library
The 20-day blogging challenge post today is on making budgets stretch in a school library. You'd be surprised what you can cobble together with bookfairs, grants, donations, and BoxTops. It's not a grant sum, but without it I feel I would have a library tha...

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Common Sense Media Lessons and How to Teach Them
Since our school system adopted Common Sense Media in lieu of i-Safe, I have tried teaching it a couple of different ways. The website  features videos on these and other topics: Digital Citizenship Cyber Bullying Communicating Online Digital Etiquette Movi...

Looks like a great blog to follow!

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Book That Has Had an Impact on Me Professionally
One book - out of many that I will write about later - that has had an impact on me is Steven L. Layne's Igniting A Passion For Reading. This book is full of lists, charts, and ideas. One list is called the Someday Book List on page 79. This list is part of...

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How has Technology Changed in the Library and Effected the Librarian"s Duties?
In the last eight years alone technology in the library has changed tremendously. I have heard librarians joke around that 50 years ago they had a class on how to use the overhead projector. Okay, that is probably inaccurate and I did not check the inventio...
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