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Cyros “Crawlings” Ignika
Salutations. I am Cyrosys, or "Cyros" for short. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, should we have not met prior.
Salutations. I am Cyrosys, or "Cyros" for short. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, should we have not met prior.


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The AI of the vessel, Idris, monitored her pilot intently…he had already gotten back to obsessing over that Dark Bring. It had been eleven years, on and off, that he’d been focusing on this since Cobalt’s death…he hadn’t even dwelt on Alexa for this long. This wasn’t healthy for Cyros, not at all…having already spoken with Gelditu and K-9, the other occupants of hers, all three had come to an agreement that Cyros needed a mandatory vacation. He may have just gotten back from his adventures with Pyrus and the others in the Primal Earth realm, but…that hadn’t been enough, apparently. He’d neglected many a relationship, and was becoming increasingly anti-social. This had to stop. Deciding to enact her plan, Idris set a course for a small universe they’d visited several times before. As she did so, she chose to confront the Zangoose.
”Cyros, you need to stop obsessing over this. I know Cobalt was special to you, but you of all people should know the consequences of trying to restore the dead, be it through time manipulation or other means. Please, why not take a break for a while…? Surely, you are still tired from your recent travels.”
Scanning over his body, she noticed that his reserves of Negative Bionis Ether were running low – looks like he lost a good number of Dark Ether constructs while on Primal Earth.
”Why not head down to the generator and resupply on NBE?”

Turning to face her – which, is to say, looking in no particular direction except ‘not at his journal’, Cyros let out a sigh, nodding in agreement. She was right, like usual…he would inevitably need Dark Ether constructs wherever he went next. Heading down to the emitter deep within the TARDIS, Cyros set it to give him seven kilos of Negative Bionis Ether. Much to his surprise, however, that which came from the emitter was instead a Purge Art, akin to that of his own Monado. It struck home, the Ether’s sealing effect activating.
“What in Karzahni is this?! Idris, you have some explaining to do!”
He blurted out, confused and shocked.

Though with a heavy heart, Idris saw it fit to inform him of their decision…disengaging the room, she revealed that she had actually steered him into one of her simulation chambers. Resting in the place of the Ether generator was his own Hysterian Monado Zanza.
”We have all agreed that you need to get a perspective of what is important again. You’ve not spoken to or seen anybody except Pyrus the last four months. So…I’m sure you remember the universe we are in – the Realm of Temporis. I am sure you also remember that you were granted the Blessing of Temporis every time you visit. Well, while that normally empowers the Zanza’s Shield Art, the modifications Zatsune made allowed me to redirect the power into Purge.”
Taking a figurative breath so he could process that, she continued after he failed to respond, the Zangoose only looking down to confirm that the glowing teal gear tattoo was on the back of his left paw, indicating the Blessing’s presence.
”…So. Until further notice, your Nen is in a state of Zetsu. Your Ether will not flow freely from you, but instead recirculate. The Thu’um will not bend before your voice. You will be unable to access the tectonic shifts for energy to power transmutations. Cyrosys…please, this is for your own good.”
With a flash, she teleported his own sonic probe and Emperor into his claws, the speechless Zangoose not fully understanding why she was doing this.
“You may take that along. We will be giving you a chance to mend old relationships…I’ll return to you your abilities and access to tools later. You need things put back into perspective. This…this will do so. I’m sorry.”
Without a word more, she twisted her interior so that the simulation chamber he was in was linked to the primary door. Disengaging the internal gravity for that room, she tilted her exterior, dumping the Zangoose out. Realigning and sealing, the TARDIS returned to the Time Vortex…what she’d done was not something she’d wanted to, but it was a necessary sin for her pilot’s own mental and emotional wellbeing. Besides…she had left him right at the doorstep of the Valerious’ apartment complex, so it wasn’t like he would be without a home.


"Your chances of survival are about one in a thousand, so here’s what you do. You forget the thousand, and you concentrate on the one." [The Doctor]

"Overkill is underrated." [Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith]

“In creation, there is destruction. In destruction, there is rebirth. There is no such thing as void; all things are in flux." [Turaga Nuju]

[Full Name]
Yusuke Cyrosys Ignika.

Yūskā Sīrōsis Ignīka.

Cyros Crawlings Valerious.

Yusuke Mensarius.


(Original) Lucario/Gallifreyan hybrid.
(Current) Zangoose/Gallifreyan hybrid.
Note: While under the effects of Organic Transmutation and the Chameleon Arch, his species becomes Human/Gallifreyan.




1.24 m.

42.8 kg.

[Voice Actor]
Sean Willmon.
// Also known as 'Spumwack' on the 'net.

[Vocal Description]
He possesses a rather deep voice which is considered by many to be much smoother, more monotone than most male voices. While he certainly can add inflexion to his words, more often than not he chooses not to. His voice has the slightest, faintest “hiss” to it, though it’d take a godly level of hearing to notice it. His accent, or the closest one could describe it, is similar to the general Northeast American accent. Missouri, this author would say.
Cyros uses his voice only when necessary. He'll keep his peace most of the honesty, this is a side effect of learning the Thu'um. He sees his voice as a power that is not to be treated foolishly. He speaks softly, and makes sure to maintain a tone that is flat, but not necessarily cold.

November 5th, 1313.

[Zodiac Sign]

His mother was a Lucario, and his father a Zangoose. He knows this simply because of the genes he carries. If his father hadn't been a Zangoose, there wouldn't be a way for him to have regenerated into one, seeing as regeneration is tied to one's genetics. However, he has no memories of them...those atrophied centuries ago, as they were formed in his first three months - long before his mind was improved as a Hybrid.

[Nen Category]

Shiroe, Log Horizon.

Information Hunter.

[Home Universe]

(Birth) Laverre, Kalos - the Pokemon World.
(Gallifrey) A parallel timeline to the universe of Doctor Who.
(Current) The Heartlands, Norad.

[Weapon(s) of Choice]
~Replica Monado Zanza.
~Replica Monado Meyneth.


(Physically Based)

~His body has been heavily irradiated by Reverse-Polarity Ether; further exposure can bring him to his knees, or even cause death.

~He’s not too fond of purely physical attacks, in any form. Being a Normal type, his body is naturally weak to such.

~Cyros' body is not equipped to handle excessive usage of portals or rifts. Generally, he can only make it through a single one in a twelve-hour period, lest his body suffer temporary debuffs. // Passing through more than one portal/rift within twelve hours, or passing through any unstable portal/rift, will result in a 72 hour -2 to Constitution and -1 to Dexterity.

~He has no resistances to magic spells whatsoever, making them very potent against him.

~Water based attacks he has really nothing against. Dark Ether can be shattered by pressure, and he doesn’t possess freezing or flame alchemy. He’s practically helpless against it, and is forced into a state of pure avoidance.

~Forced devolution, which would have little effect on other Pokemon, can cause his body to reject the triple helix DNA, and destroy the regeneration packets, causing immediate and painful death without regeneration.

(Psychologically Based)

~Attempts at mind-control will often distract him from the physical world.

~For the time being, Sevipers can mess with his instincts - new ones kicking in, and violently, can cause him to become unsteady.

~Any form of hostility toward family or friends will cause him to divert his attention to the aggressor, even when there are more pressing targets around.


~He possesses full immunity to toxins.

~His mind cannot be easily breached, if at all, thanks to Mental Shielding set up after the design of that used by the Order of Mata Nui.

~He has a strong resistance to Ether, due to his close affinity with it. This also allows him to immediately detect elemental attacks which match the types of Ether he uses.

~Thanks to his Divine Protect VI Gem, he is completely immune to Instant Death attacks. // Anti-godmodding purposes only.

[Pokémon Movepool]

~Crush Claw
~False Swipe
~Swords Dance
~Close Combat
~Solar Beam
~Shadow Ball
~Fire Blast
~Shadow Claw
~Metal Claw

~HP – 125
~Spec. Atk. – 20
~Spec. Def. – 31
~Speed – 16

~HP – 125
~SpAtk – 125
~SpDef – 255
~Spd – 5




+Levant Valerious 


Though he is known for his quiet, calculating nature, Cyros exhibited a far shorter temper since becoming a Zangoose. He can choose to think ahead as always, but usually does not seem to - he’s far more likely to take a major risk than before, focusing on the “one” in a one out of a thousand chance. He’s either exceptionally lucky or, deep down, still rapidly calculates out all variables before making a move; the latter is likely, seeing as this risky new method has yet to kill him. Cyros' impulsive nature can lead to unfavorable circumstances, and often results in Idris needing to babysit him more...she doesn't mind, however, as it makes it feel like they're both young again.
Cyros tries not to dwell on the past, but instead strive for the future. Alas, though, he's also more prone to his emotions than he used to be...when it came to Cobalt's death, he couldn't let that go for well over a decade. He spent the bulk of the time trying to revive his friend...his devotion to those close to him can be both a blessing and a curse.
He’s less driven by the desire to keep order, and will break any laws or regulations that get within him and his goal…provided they don’t align with his personal morals, which have not changed. This is why he's shifted from Lawful Neutral to True Neutral since he regenerated last...however, as he's not purely individualistic, and does not actively disdain any government, Cyros hasn't quite slipped as far as to become Chaotic Neutral.
He’s not quite so averse to physical affection as he has been in the past, and in some cases, will not only welcome it, but initiate it. He’s far more open than before - this is due to the obligation he felt upon regenerating to explain why he’s suddenly a Zangoose. The best way to explain why this is so is to explain this...Cyros has a subtle fear of loss. He knows that he'll likely outlive everyone he ever knew or will know. He knows he'll grow attached to people, only to lose them to death, to time, to other responsibilities and people. Yet...he can't help but fear the actual occurrence of losing someone close to him. This also affects his social outreach...Cyros is quite the hermit, as he tried to avoid interacting with new people he'll invariably outlive. Watching everyone around you die, it gets old after while.
As both a strategist and scientist, Cyros focuses his time and efforts on bettering his knowledge of the Omniverse, gaining knowledge he can use to aid others in their quests for answers. He is known to think several steps ahead for all actions, considering all possible outcomes for himself and any others involved. He likes to gather raw data, but when it comes to using that data in active thought, Cyros usually focuses on practical applications for it over the theoretical. If something only has a chance of working in theory, he won't waste his time with it. He desires concrete results to be a possibility for all experiments or ideas...even though this hampers his ability to innovate, Cyros isn't an innovator in the first place. He's always been one to take existing information, abilities, properties, etc, and find way to expand upon them, to improve them. He was the one to perfect the Machina's Replica Monados, as an example.

[Current regeneration statistics]
He has died thrice, created one Breath of Heaven Dark Bring, and is on his fourth life; eight regenerations remain.

[Combat Style]
With his new, smaller and lighter body, his has found his unarmed style of Ether Mage combat to be especially effective; Cyros now focuses on using his Ether affinity to its max, with the Monados acting as backup weapons should his standard abilities fail him. He usually chooses to only use them when in his human/Gallifreyan form - the swords are very disproportionate to his new body otherwise.
He fights on the front lines, using Dark Ether constructs for both defense and offense, with the other Ether varieties and Alchemy tossed in once in a while for good measure. He functions well alone, but can still perform effectively with one or two partners - no more, though.
When stuck in a large party situation, he hangs back from the front lines, using Monado Arts, the Thu’um, and Ether in a supportive role; healing and buffing allies, debuffing and blocking enemies, and giving his side full control of the battlefield is his specialty in party combat. This is his preferred method while using his human-Gallifreyan form, seeing as he has access to the Alcor Staff in that form.

[Notable Quirks]

~If he focuses on any trait while regenerating, he receives the polar opposite.

~Due to his hybrid DNA and 700 years of life, his body has become immune to all sorts of “hormonal” stimuli.

~He is immune to Attract and similar moves.

~As a result of regeneration, his physical form is slightly shorter than an average Zangoose. This does not mix well with his new personality and lack of height change throughout his life.

~His claws are fully retractable - however, it will take him a long time to notice that there are new muscles in his paws, let alone try them. So, for the most part, he treats the claws as though they are his fingers. This is in part due to the fact that the three fingers he does have automatically lock up when the claws are extended.

~He can, and occasionally does, dance - however, he will only partake in such when truly alone...though, he can only perform to slower, more refined tracks, such as the aptly named "Solitary Waltz".

~He is actually left-handed. Pawed. Whatever you want to call it.

~Cyros, alongside the other 300 surviving volunteers of Project Perseverance, was made sterile by the process. This sterilization was a genetic one, and was protected by The Pact. He cannot ever undo it. The reasoning behind this, according to the staff, was reasonable...The Pact was made to ensure they'd not become dangerous demigods and threaten the universe/multiverse/Omniverse - and if they couldn't reproduce, they'd not be able to get around The Pact by simply having their offspring do the work for them.

~As an unintended side effect of his advanced age, Cyros has come to be afflicted by a form of anhedonia. In layman's terms, he is incapable of experiencing sexual pleasure, in any form. Cyros believes that this is due to the fact that he is not a pure Gallifreyan - he is a Lucario, and no Lucario is meant to live as long as he has. This really doesn't bother him...he's had his fun. No need to relive that which he's already experienced on several occasions, in several ways. There's more to life than pleasure.

~Cyros does not have PTSD. Yes, he fought in one of his multiverse's bloodiest and longest wars. Yes, he watched teammates, friends, and family all die. In the long run, though...that doesn't matter anymore. He learned, with the help of Idris, how to cope when he did suffer from it...and more importantly, how to move on and cure himself of it. He saw the condition as an inconvenience, as did Shioi. Both purged themselves around the same time.


~If he can avoid eating, he will; most of his energy is gained through Bionis Ether harvested from Gelditu, and packaged into specialized Stimpacks. The only exception to this rule would be food prepared by Jean Milbert.

~By extension, he’s conditioned his body to last upwards of seventy-two hours on only eight hours of sleep - the Bionis Ether helps with this.

~His personal favorite composers include Trenton Ng., Murray Gold, Yasuharu Takanashi and Manami Kiyota. This is due to his love for classical genres of music, even though, ironically, he’s not a fan of the composers that are considered “classics”. “They’re too uptight, usually terrible conversationalists”, as he always says when asked why.

~Save for experiments that require more than one participant, he usually performs all his work in a solitary environment, within the TARDIS. There are a few exceptions to this rule; the Valerious family, Cobalt, and Saki; these few he is more than willing to work with on anything.

~As a Zangoose, he has a natural distaste for Sevipers. That is a trait he is working on cleansing himself of, as it can be used against him in combat.

~He can be incredibly hostile toward those who treat him like a common animal; he is a scientist, not some generic field beast.

~He despises being “shipped” with friends. It’s a waste of time and energy to him. He doesn’t feel affection for any living being, so he sees no point in such shipping.

~He’s kinda bad with kids, and thus tries to avoid them. He never quite knows what to do.

~He’s bad with affection. He’ll either miss the hint entirely, or not know how to respond to it properly. There’s a chance the former is deliberate every time, but it’s unknown currently.

Cyros was schooled at a small, private primary school through his early Riolu years, taught many skills learned through common human college. He also spent much free time learning through either experience or his own personal texts, being quite the scholarly Pokemon.
As a Lucario, Cyros attended the Arcadia Academy, one of the finest schools on Gallifrey. Most of the courses there were human grad-school level, and beyond. A lot of his courses at the Academy were specialized in the fields of TARDIS Engineering, as that was his major of choice. He took minors in both Alchemy and Gallifreyan History. Cyros' full education at the Academy covered a span of twelve years.

Cyros, with the Translation Matrix in place, can clearly speak 94% of known languages in the Omniverse. Without, he is fluent in English, Latin, Gallifreyan, Italian, Dovah, and Draconic. The first four were learned at the Arcadia Academy, as part of the school's initiative to make their students versed in the cultures they would likely interact with the most. The final two were learned on his own during his time in Mundus, as an attempt to better understand his companion, Gelditu.

Cyros is polytheistic, simply because he has met numerous gods face to face. When he was young, he considered himself agnostic, but things have changed...he cannot deny the existence of gods, and even less since meeting the Hysterians and learning their history and ties to the various deities of the Omniverse. He knows the origins of many gods throughout the Omniverse, he can explain them...He understands them, and thus he has no reason to not believe in various deities he learns of.

[Political Alignment]
Classical liberal. A very similar position to libertarianism, except it favors limited government on top of the freedoms.


True Neutral.
A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. He doesn't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most neutrality is a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil. After all, he would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, he's not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way. Some neutral characters, on the other hand, commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run. True Neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion.

[Ability Score(s)]

~Strength - 17
~Dexterity - 14
~Constitution - 15
~Intelligence - 22
~Wisdom - 20
~Charisma - 17

Average scores for a common human are 12 across the board. The scores range from 3 to 18, but can be boosted beyond this cap. Anything below a three lacks sentience; anything above an eighteen is a genius by most standards, (using Intelligence as the example.)

To explain what each Ability Score means, I'll use the most famous simplification: The Tomato Example.

~Strength is the ability to crush a tomato.
~Dexterity is the ability to dodge a tomato.
~Constitution is the ability to stomach a bad tomato.
~Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit.
~Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad.
~Charisma is being able to sell a tomato-based salad.

[Weapon Proficiencies]
Cyros has received proper military training in the usage of the Staser Rifle (combo weapon, SMG/sniper rifle,) and Impulse Laser (handgun); the skills gained from using the Staser Rifle can be applied to any SMG/assault rifle/sniper rifle. Skills with the Impulse Laser, after learning to adjust for recoil, also carried over to any handgun, revolver or or traditional.
Through centuries of experience, he's come to master the broadsword, as this is what the Replica Monado Zanza and Replica Monado Meyneth classify as. He lacks proper martial training, but he is arguably more effective than even someone with the proper training.
Aside from these weapons, he's also mildly skilled with the rapier, crossbow, and short sword...this is only due to his choice to dabble with each during his time spent in the world of Mundus. He lacks training, still, and is aware that he's fairly ineffective with all three. However, if handed one and asked to fight, he wouldn't be entirely useless with it.

[Armor Proficiencies]
Cyros is best suited for lightweight, durable armor, if any. He covets his dexterity, despite it being one of his weaker skills. The less he hampers this, the better.
Despite this, he's not incompetent with heavier gear. As a matter of fact, he has proper military training in that, thanks to the Time Lord Combat Armor he wore for a good two centuries. He can see the value in heavier, more sturdy gear, alright, but he'd rather simply avoid attacks altogether than tank them. It's just part of his nature.

===[Weapons, Tools, Powers, and Their Applications]===

[The Emperor]
The custom revolver he carried was the primary conventional weapon of choice for Cyros. It was a compact, brass chromed weapon, with six chambers. The gun possessed simple, rounded decals back near the hammer, those being a slightly darker shade of metal from the rest of the thing. Along the barrel was the gun’s name, in two languages - just for flair. The grip had two fine leather sheathes on either side of it, their patterns being very ornate. It took .45-70 Gov't ammunition, packing quite a punch into each shot. The name and design both came from the Stand which suggests the Emperor Tarot Card - this “Stand” being a conjured item he learned of the existence of during his travels. It is the only proper weapon Idris has allowed him at the start of his time in the Heartlands.

[Sonic Probe]
Designed in the form of a screwdriver - in honor of a fellow Time Lord - the sonic device he carries has many functions, such as hacking, communication, upgrading technology, or scanning. It does all of this through various sound wave functions. This also gives the tool some drawbacks; a Deadlock Seal, for instance, is immune to sonic tech.
Formerly, before using a Sonic Probe, he used a much larger, and likewise, more powerful, Sonic Cane; those were popular among the rich. He felt it served well to disguise him as being someone of more power than he actually had.

[Monado Replicas]
Currently Unavailable. Requires Ether to summon.

Only the rings, Divine Protect VI Gem and amulet are equipped. Neither ring functions.

[Ether Control]
Currently Disabled.

Currently Disabled.

[Rarely Used/Inactive/Retired Abilities]
Currently Disabled.

[Power Limitations]
Unlike many of the powerful and talented relations of his, Cyros has a defined and set limit to what he is capable of. A genetic lock, one that was built into the third helix of his DNA, is what holds him back. This was given to him, as well as all other survivors of Project Perseverance, due to the fear of the scientists that, with their newfound “immortality”, the hybrids may go out and cause mass destruction due to their ability to advance their powers over a much greater time than what is natural.
Therefore, based on simple projections for the lives of each organism, they assigned each “slots”. One “special slot” dedicated to a power that all versions of the hybrid would encounter, and a set of six “free slots” for other abilities. This number was increased or decreased depending on the ratio of “pure:evil” outcomes to the hybrid’s future. Cyros was ultimately granted nine in total. These are as follows, currently;

Special Slot
~Ether Affinity

Free Slots
~Evolution and Mega Evolution
~Pokemon Moves
~Nen Aura


[Universal Theory]

Cyros' personal theory of the omniverse is a bit of a technical one. The way he sees it, there are several tiers to universes.
First and foremost, the basic universe. This encompasses a universe and its pocket dimensions, assuming it comes with any. All life that exists starts in one of these universes, for these are the backbone of reality.
From there, these universes are hooked to others that are closely related - this is usually through timeline divergences. These universes and pocket dimensions together are called 'Universal Clusters'. A cluster can usually be traversed by through technology found in that Cluster. (As an example, Rick's portal gun from 'Rick and Morty' can access any universe in his Cluster. It's not been shown accessing other canons, though.)

//A 'Universal Cluster' is a localized canon, be it for a franchise or not. For example, Marvel's various continuities all exist within the same Cluster, as they're all from the Marvel canon at one point or another. This is also how so many variants of one character can all be canon.//

The next step up from Clusters is a Multiverse. Multiverses are groups of Clusters which are close enough together to allow beings from one Cluster to travel to another. Commonly, in order to travel from one Cluster to another, one needs sufficiently advanced technology, or requires a MacGuffin from the other Cluster which can be used to travel about that Cluster. (As an example, Cyros can travel freely to the Cluster known as Spherus Magna, because he possesses the Olmak - a MacGuffin which controls Dimensional Gates within Spherus Magna.)

//Think of The Doctor from Doctor Who's canon appearances in Star Trek. This means that Star Trek and Doctor Who are within the same Multiverse. A Multiverse is what allows for Crossovers.//

On the multiverse scale, pocket dimensions still exist. However, they are more like 'leeches' here. They are easily accessible, serving often as an easy crossroad from one Cluster to another...however, they're also highly unstable. They draw on nearby Clusters to build universes within themselves, using stolen peoples, assets, structures, land, atmospheres...all to build a stable reality within themselves. Unfortunately, this property is their downfall. The more they accrue of cultures, matter, histories, and peoples...the less stable they become, eventually collapsing into the void and returning all they stole to its rightful place in time and space. Some pocket dimensions will generate their own worlds, people, and story, which does prolong them... however, as long as they continue to take in external resources, which they will, they're doomed to collapse eventually. Some take days. Others, eons. There's no definitive way to measure...however, when the end draws near, most life present can detect it easily. It's often felt as a rush of panic, terror, and despair...on a global level.

//A good example of this is the Temple of Glory. As a crossroads world, it classified as a Pocket Dimension leech. Even the Heartlands falls under this category. //

On the next level up we have the big boy itself - the Omniverse. The Omniverse is something Cyros has the least understanding of, but he suspects that this is the plane on which Sthenia's Limbo can be found…this is just speculation, however. To travel from the Omniverse to another is nearly impossible...even the Hysterians, the truly most advanced race he's ever encountered, only speak of such an action in a speculative tone. As far as Cyros can tell, Omniverses are the only way to find alternate versions of the 'truly unique', which are individuals that exist outside of any particular timeline other than their own.
Between timelines, universes, Clusters, Multiverses, and Omniverses, as far as Cyros can tell, is simply...void. No time, no light, no life, no death, no matter...truly nothing. He's unsure if it's possible to safely traverse the void, even for a deity...usually, one is forced to use rifts, wormholes, or the Time Vortex to safely move through it - for that separates the individual in question from it.

//It is upon this philosophy that I conduct actions as Cyros. This model works best to tie RP environments together, be they tied to franchise canon, community canon, or personal also explains away communities falling silent and being deleted. With this model, those communities remain in the canon of the characters who were there - they simply don't exist anymore. This model is also the optimal for tying together things such as crossovers, franchises with inter-dimensional travel, and alternate timelines.//

[The Axis Earth]

The Axis Earth is a theoretical reality Cyros conceived during his second life. He has no real evidence or proof of its existence, but he's still a "firm" believer in it.

According to Cyros, the Axis Earth is a special multiverse, one that exists at the core of the omniverse. He believes that it's an Earth inhabited by humans, equipped with all the common modern human amenities seen throughout the omniverse. He believes that this world has ties to all universes, but in a unique way - every single universe, every multiverse, every a work of fiction there. Published or not, every realm existed or will exist at some point in that universe as a piece of fiction. The medium(s) through which this fiction exists are not important - books, movies, television serials, video games, essays, doesn't matter. It's there. He even believes there may be a human out there in that universe who has created him, who understands him almost better than he understands himself.

Cyros understands how unlikely this absurd idea is, and sees it more as simply a fun thought than a serious scientific hypothesis. He'd need to see it with his own eyes to believe...despite his knowing how hypocritical this sounds coming from a polytheist who no longer needs direct proof to really believe in something like a deity.

[Biography (Old, but complete)]

// Don’t read this outdated mess, please. It’s all valid information, yes, but…it’s just not up to my standards anymore. A total rewrite is in the works, currently.//

Currently Unavailable.

[Crimson Star]
Currently Unavailable.

[Retired Equipment]
All but The Emperor and the Sonic Probe are unavailable.

[Retired Abilities]
Obviously Unavailable.

Living within the TARDIS. Unavailable.

Living within the TARDIS. Unavailable.

[K-9 MK II]
Living within the TARDIS. Unavailable.


{General theme 1} Engage the Enemy

{General theme 2} Shinkousuru Keikaku

{General Theme 3} Deliverance or Death

{Battle theme: low} Nomina Nostra

{Battle theme: medium} Utsukushiki Assassin

{Battle theme: medium [alt]} Holding a Card File

{Battle theme: high} Souguusen

{Battle theme: high [alt]} Avak’s Dynamo

{Battle theme: VS. ally} My Innermost Apocalypse

[Canons Which Affect Cyros]

[External Links]

[A Word on the Admin]
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