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There's still hope for humanity :)
“What I was doing is nothing different from the rest of our law enforcement colleagues. The only difference is that someone took a photo of me,” - Officer David Taylor ‪#‎goodnews‬ #police   #goodvibes   #viral  
Sophocles once said, “To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.” This definitely applies to anyone who does something good for others. And the returns are great especially when social media comes into play for commending such acts. While the dark side of social media is often highlighted due to the convenience it […]
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What do you do when you take a break from work? Do you go call your parents, siblings or friends to check on them? Do you just sip some great-tasting coffee, chill on your iTunes playlist, and just unwind? Or do you make each break fun and take yourself away from the routine stuff that […]
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very funny Chase :)
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The NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) is a special medical facility catering specifically to the needs of newborn babies, most of which are premature but also those full-term babies with various complications. It is also a place where many little ones have passed away, a place where nurses often have to deal with the loss […]
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Most moms will tell you that the most dreadful days of motherhood are those immediately after she has given birth, especially to her first child. In these moments, moms struggle to deal with the changes in their body, the changes in their circadian rhythm as the baby’s pattern kicks in, and the changes in her […]
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Watch this dancing Aussie train guard shows off his Michael Jackson moves #viralvideo   #dancing  
A train station guard from Sydney, Australia was caught on camera while showing off his dance moves inspired by Michael Jackson last October 17, Saturday, at Waterfall Station platform to express his joy for his upcoming holiday as he prepared to clock off from work. Waterfall Station employee Anthony Joubran said his dancing colleague was […]
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Look how cool this is! A hidden chemistry lab created by Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, was uncovered during renovations at the University of Virginia’s well-known Rotunda, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The worker doing renovations at the university’s Rotunda discovered the 200-year-old hearth through a hole in the wall. School […]
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#school   #news   #viralvideo   #kids  
Mathematics is unarguably one of the least favorite subjects taught across all school levels. Teachers must find a way to make the lessons more interesting just to ensure that the kids get to learn their numbers without hating the subject for life. After all, Math also has some of the most common applications in a […]
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Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) are ecstatic over a video of a rat struggling to get a slice of pizza down a flight of stairs as this could be proof that the TMNT could be real – or, at least, Master Splinter! To non-TMNT fans, let me enlighten you. The TMNT are […]
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There are a few instances in the English language where a word is not constructed for the sake of communication so much as to break a world record, for spectacle’s sake. In that way, the English language is much like the Olympics just like this viral video that shocked the internet. A TV news segment […]
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