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Lori Carey
Professional photographer and writer specializing in the California desert regions and off road lifestyle
Professional photographer and writer specializing in the California desert regions and off road lifestyle

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Happy #SignSunday everyone!
In honor of #DayOfRemembrance commemorating the Japanese American internment during World War II, I am sharing a photo of the sign at the Manzanar War Relocation Center.

SignSunday is a weekly photography theme hosted by me +Jetski and sometimes +Janice LaMere Hackney. To join in just share a photo that contains a sign and use the hashtag. Tagging us isn't necessary but does make it a bit easier for us to find your posts so we can stop by for a visit. 

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If you are in San Diego and looking for something to do on the evening of Thursday the 16th, I'll be sharing photos and stories of my adventures exploring the remote regions of the Mojave at the San Diego Photo Club at 7pm. Would love to see you there!

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Happy #SignSunday everyone! SignSunday is a weekly photography theme hosted by me +Jetski and sometimes +Janice LaMere Hackney. Are you a Super Bowl fan or a Superb Owl fan? Neither for me today, too much work to get done. Hope you are having a great day no matter how you are spending it.

One from the archives, the old Barstow train station which is located by the Route 66 Museum and the Harvey House hotel. 

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The Slate Range Crossing is part of the historic Death Valley escape route taken by 49ers and provides amazing panoramic views of Panamint Valley and the Panamint Range.

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Happy #SignSunday to everyone who is still hanging around! SignSunday is a weekly photography theme hosted by me +Jetski and sometimes +Janice LaMere Hackney.

I'm sure that some of my friends will recognize this signage. I noticed last month that this California cult classic has gone upscale with many shiny new signs. It was a lot cooler to visit the place when it was just a dusty little hole in the wall, but I'm glad to see that their business is doing well. 

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If you hate that ugly red bar at the top of your G+ page, +Andreas Bartels has created an extension that will make it dark gray. My G+ looks so much better now, thank you Andreas!!

If you do download and use the extension, make sure to vote in the poll to let him know that this is something people are interested in. 
Make G+ Grey Again

...a Chrome extension to change the colorful banners of Google+'s new Web UI to dark grey.

Available here:

I don't mind the colors myself, but apparently some people do. With "New UI" becoming the only UI soon, I decided to put some more work in an earlier proof-of-concept extension and make it available - for free, but also without any warranties.

If you use the extension, please vote in this poll, so that the actual interest in something like this can be gauged.

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I don't use it.
I am using it.
I did use it for a while, not anymore.

This is hideous. Whoever was responsible for the new G+ should be shot. It's ugly (those red and green banners are obnoxious), clunky and slow. You can tell that they sure don't care about desktop users any more. I use my desktop because I hate using G+ on my phone, now it's the same. And I hate the animated comments even more than I hate animated gifs in my feed.

And it looks like I lost every single photo I ever uploaded to G+ all those years if it wasn't in an album. They aren't in that Google Photos mess and I can't find them here, they just went poof! Thanks for nothing G+ :(

Want to see something else that looks like pure crap? Go to your new profile page and click the "i" icon to access your page with all your previous profile information. Take a look at the formatting of that first column if you had something in the old "Story" section of your profile. Only about 50% of the text is showing, the entire right half of the text is cut off!! What a joke.

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Happy #SignSunday  everyone! SignSunday is a weekly photography theme hosted by me, +Jetski and sometimes +Janice LaMere Hackney. Just tag your post with the #signsunday  hashtag to join in. Tagging the curators isn't necessary but does usually make it easier for us to find your posts, although notifications and search have been a bit wonky recently so our apologies if we miss you.

I call this "Marketing for Millennials" because the tags on the signs are a photographer/artists instagram tag, excused with a "My Bad". Don't try to read it, he doesn't deserve the attention.

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Happy #SignSunday  everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are off to a wonderful start in the new year. If you are in one of the areas affected by storms and flooding today, I hope you are someplace safe, warm and dry! The SignSunday photography theme is hosted by me, +Jetski and sometimes +Janice LaMere Hackney. The only rule is that your photo must contain a sign.

This is the famous Ballarat Trading Post, where you can get a cold drink, an old dusty map, and if Rocky decides that he likes you and he's in a good mood, he'll offer you a taste of his authentic moonshine.
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