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'The Best Cover Album of All Time' & then some...
'The Best Cover Album of All Time' & then some...

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:: Harrison wrote the song as a tribute to his friend Eric Clapton's chocolate addiction, and indeed he derived the title and many of the lyrics from a box of Mackintosh's Good News chocolates. Supposedly all of the confectionery names used in the song are authentic, except cherry cream and coconut fudge. 

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Lennon described the song as resembling "a black New York girl-group song" Its basic structure of simple doo-wop chord changes and block harmonies over a walking bass line "creates an illusion of sincerity through its sheer attack." 

Paul McCartney said... 
"I think a lot of these [Lennon's] songs like "Tell Me Why" may have been based in real experiences or affairs John was having, or arguments with Cynthia [Lennon's wife] or whatever, but it never occurred to us until later to put that slant on it all." 


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:: A John Lennon favorite, 'GIRL' was recorded on the evening of 11 November 1965, the final night of work on the 'Rubber Soul' album. 

A touching lead by Louis, some 'artistic breathing' by JF & a powerful C part by the whole BOOTIK bunch, spins this version to unheard heights without compromising the structure, mood nor spirit of this delicate song. 

A fine piece of work indeed, just like, well... Most women ;)


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:: A potent blend of songs about God, War & LSD delicately & seamlessly arranged to bring their individual messages across... 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' by the Beatles, 'Sky Pilot' by Eric Burdon & the Animals and 'Big Sky' by the Kinks. 

Note that the 3 songs are from the late 60's when creativity seemed to rime naturally with questioning The Man in all his incarnations.

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