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Michael Olafusi
0700ANALYTICS Reach me for all your data analysis and financial modelling needs.
0700ANALYTICS Reach me for all your data analysis and financial modelling needs.

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Never Let Knowledge of Your Ignorance Hold You Back
image: Sorry I had to use the picture of Donald Trump. I can't say it is the most relevant picture to use but it was the best I saw while searching google for "ignorance hold you back". And it looks lovely. Today, I completed my first professional ...

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Things Might Get Worse For Our Stock Market
I have been reading up on the frontier markets, which Nigeria falls under, and came across a worrying fact. There are three categories of equity market to the global investor: Developed Markets, Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets. According to S&P Dow Jo...

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Journeying Into Financial Journalism
I have been given opportunities to write for two big international finance blogs.They are both non-paying gigs but I see them as the start of something big for me. I have been reading the materials from my last year six months Bloomberg Media Initiative Afr...

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What I Really Want To Be In Life
I want to be a writer. A professional writer. To write a lot. Write novels, write articles for online and print magazines, and write all the stories I have lived with since I was born. My original affection for writing started from my primary school days. I...

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Join Nigerian Excel Users Meetup Group
Microsoft Nigeria has been very nice and agreed to provide meeting space to Nigerian Excel Users community. And we are not going to let that offer go to waste. If you are an Excel lover, then you should join the bubbling community of other Excel Power Users...

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When 24 Hours A Day Is No Longer Enough
image: It's worrying how fast the day zooms. I am not an early riser. So on most normal days, I get up at 9:00am. And from that moment till past 12 midnight I am working and feeling like why is the time speeding too fast. I now feel that 24 h...

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To Join Institute of Directors or NSE or NCS?
I started today by working a little on my Excel add-in application. I am already done with creating APIs for the FX rates and Stock Indices. Then I left home for a couple of strategic places. I started with the Tax office to file in our January VAT. Then I ...

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To Excel In Business You Need To Forget How Far You Have Come
image: How many of you measure your success by how far you've come since your kindergarten days? Do you compare how much you do now with how much you did when you were just five years old? Do you decide how much harder or softer you hav...

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Creating A Daily FX Rates App
I spent the bulk of today creating the backend python scrapper for daily FX rates for over 40 countries. Its main difference is that it will provide you the rates in Naira. So you don't have to recalculate from the usual dollar base back to Naira. When you ...

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Registering With The Federal Reporting Council of Nigeria. I Think It's A Must For Business Owners.
We got a project from a big client, to train their staff on Power BI. Everything went smoothly till the procurement officer at the company asked for two additional documents. It was the first time we would be asked for those documents: three years audited f...
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