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Stephen Harris, Jr. (biglilsteve)

Maybe we could have an option for the Bluetooth icon to be hidden when there isn't an active BT connection?

For those of us who use battery percentage text only in the status bar, is it possible to have the text animate or turn a different color when charging? Thanks for everything :)


Any way we can get 4 QS tiles per row?

So what is the deal with the Despair gov? I generally get great results from it (like many others here) and am just curious what gov it is based on. Conservative?

Kindly requesting a feature in dialer. When dialing another party, the phone will give a quick vibrate when they pick up. Likewise, the phone will give a quick vibrate if they hang up before you.

Didn't have this issue with the 11/11 build but with 11/16 I am having black on black text on ambient display with a dark layer applied. I am using the same layer that worked fine before, and now it isn't. Its the Commute/Evolve layer pair.

Phone app vibrate on call answer/hangup :)

I'm having trouble figuring out if we are supposed to use a hotplug alongside zzmoove gov, or does the gov itself have built-in hotplugging?

I'm using zzmoove profile 7 which is supposed to prefer dual core, but when looking in Kernel Adiutor, all cores are constantly online.

I am having a tough time getting benzoCore to run stably with the cool hotplugs. I am dying to use hotplugs like msm, blu, mako, but my phone experiences random reboots when I enable one of them. It only seems to be reasonably stable on zen decision. Anyone else having this issue? Or do I need to do adjust other settings besides the hotplugs to get it to run well?

Anyone else notice that a hotplug is not active by default in this ROM? Or is that just me?
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