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Jacques Giraudel
Android developer looking for UX and Mktg cofounders -
Android developer looking for UX and Mktg cofounders -


I am looking at architecture component. The recommended way to manage correctly SnackBar message with Activity / Fragment life cycle is to use an SingleLiveEvent (custom structure to have 1 time sync LiveData) and to listen for it in the Activity/Fragment to display the snackbar. Considering that most of the screens have network call and then a snackbar to show, we will have to use this on every screen.
It seems a bit complex to me.

Would it be possible to automate this mechanism ? Maybe an ObservableMessage that would be declared in the ViewModel and on valuation and, taking into account the life cycle, would be automatically displayed in a Snackbar ?

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Definition of done for the UI part

Is there an API for Google Arts & Culture contents or is it possible to use an intent to access it through the app?


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Too much back and forth with designers ? Here is a first Definition of Ready to smooth the process :)

In your work, what are the common causes of back-and-forth with the designers ?

I am working on an article and I'm trying to have some feedback.


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UI specifications too blurred or not conform with Android guidelines ? Useless back-and-forth with designers ?

In this article, I give some points to keep in head when dealing with UI specs :

Do you think that graphic designers you work with master the Android platform design guidelines (components, etc) ?

Or do you feel they are more generalists adapting to Android ?

What is the minimum dp size you support for your Android app ?

Mine would be 320*480 dp or 220*220 dp (for multi-window supported screen).


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Is there a service / api which give the distribution of Android devices by screen size (in dp) ?

and ideally which can also be filtered by country, api version, etc.

I am searching for the min screen size in dp which covers say 95 % of the device on the market for api >= 15.

There is site like gsmarena, the android dashboard,, stats website like appbrain etc. which give some information to figure it out but that's not really accurate.


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