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Hi Guys, I'm playing around to feed the data of my ant+ based heart rate monitor into google fit for better tracking of my workouts.
As Google fit itself is not capable of accessing it I am exploring ways to get this done.
Right now I'm thinking of creating my own implementation of that just relays the information and I would just start that along google fit during the workouts. But the plumbing etc. is quite a lot of work if you're not an android developer as a day job ;-)

Is someone here who has done something like this by chance?

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Why do I have the feeling that the opensource java becomes more relevant soon...

Have you ever tried this?


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so wird es laufen

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Patrick Cornelißen commented on a post on Blogger.
And Vagrant uses a full fledged VM, which has much more requirements in terms of diskspace and RAM

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WIR werden den Teufel einfach nicht los ..., hier kommt die Version 2.4! :)
Mit dabei sind bis jetzt:
1. Schandmaul​ | Deutsch
2. Russkaja​ | Russisch
3. Fiddler's Green​ | Englisch
4. Random | Spanisch
5. Dark Sarah | Finnisch
6. Decision | Polnisch
7. Les Forbands D'Armorique | Französisch
8. Merendine | Italienisch
9. Interitus | Tschechisch
10. Proelium Morte | Schwiizerdütsch

to be continued ...
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