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Project NEMO
NEMO = New/Next Economic Model
NEMO = New/Next Economic Model

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Better Management theory is only part of solution -> Drucker: " ...also need to develop a (new) economic theory... "


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Tools für nachhaltige Unternehmensführung: Die vier Schwerpunkte des neuen Wirtschaftsmodells sind jetzt aufgeschaltet.
Realität neu: 1. Strukturieren, 2. Quantifizieren
und dann das Unternehmen neu: 3. Orientieren, 4. Optimieren (Wertschöpfungsnetz)

Eine Lösung aus dem "Project NEMO" (New/Next Economic Model)

Das ist das Original #businessengineering  

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Picture is part of Business Engineering Systems. A sub-project of Project NEMO.
Intangibles... care & use... or lose it.
One Trillion Dollars A Year! That's The U.S. Gross Investment in Intangibles!

Paper by Leonard Nakamura:
This paper argues that the rate of intangible investment – investment in the development and marketing of new products – accelerated in the wake of the electronics revolution in the 1970s.
The paper presents preliminary direct and indirect empirical evidence that US private firms currently invest at least $1 trillion annually in intangibles. This rate of investment roughly equals US gross investment in nonresidential tangible assets. It also suggests that the capital stock of intangibles in the US has an equilibrium market value of at least $5 trillion.
Download pdf:

As the economists had understood the principle of economic energy, they could take it into account in their model. The economic energy as the source of economic power. (A look back from the future.)

Als die Ökonomen das Prinzip der ökonomischen Energie verstanden hatten, konnten sie es in ihrem Modell berücksichtigen. Die ökonomische Energie als die Quelle der ökonomischen Kraft.  (Ein Rückblick aus der Zukunft.)

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New on web: Description of Project NEMO (New/Next Economic Model)
When Adam Smith wrote his "Wealth of Nations" - the standard for today's economic theory - he lived in another world.
Much has changed since then - but not the fundamentals of economic theory. That's why we have crisis following crisis - until we have an economic theory that works....

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Neu: Worum geht's bei NEMO, INSEDE und den Business Engineering Systems?

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Project NEMO (New/Next Economic Model) goes live.
No way to build a BMW with tools and processes developed for Ford T Model.

If you ever wanted to expand your professional experiences...
Help to realize and spread the next economic model.
A model that is based on (a) real human's needs, (b) human's potential to solve problems and the vision and power that it's possible.
Join as individual and/or organization. Bring in your insights, skills and other resources. Use the insights if it makes sense for you, bring it to the next level and share it.

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Vector Based Value Audit and Reporting (and controlling, strategizing...) is part of project NEMO (New Economic Model) and INSEDE (Institute for Sustainable Economic Development).
+Project NEMO +INSEDE 
Good news - SAP - Financial and Non-Financial Performance 2012 - Integrated Reporting.
An important step to the next (Vector Based, Hybrid) Value Reporting System.

See 1st paper of Juergen Daum (SAP) and me 2004, links for pdf & ppt:
Measuring Performance in a Knowledge Economy: Linking the Subjective and Objective Value Measurement into a "Vector-Based" Concept for Performance Measurement.

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Die neue Timeline über die Entwicklung des "Business Engineering" und der "Business Engineering Systeme" ist jetzt wieder zum Download bereit.
(Jetzt mit einem ersten Stichwortverzeichnis)

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