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G*M*S Magazine, a website for Tabletop gamers.
G*M*S Magazine, a website for Tabletop gamers.

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Before I get out of here to play games,  a review by +Endzeitgeist Sigurðr. Tribes Most Foul: Orcs, from +Raging Swan. 

Michael Chamberlain and Max Murray sit down and have a game of Hive with the expansions for the first time.

Hive has been out for a while and done very well indeed, but do the expansions help and add to the game or do they detract from that's already a superb game?

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Master reviewer +Endzeitgeist Sigurðr   takes a look at Lucien's Guide to the Grand Stair, published by  Rite Publishing

Enough to warrant 5 stars.. not bad at all!

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Friends, remember we're still gathering funds for our cookery and games web show Dice & Slice in Kickstarter!

The show has been funded and now it's just getting more equipment to make it even better and quicker!

Three days to go!
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