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A Bunny Trail, Not a Check In
I feel overwhelmed by quantifiable data right now (as a side note, I felt very impressed with myself that I spelled quantifiable right in the first try and even did that thing where you just slam the key board, like so aoishdfalhsdfh, to see if it's working...

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Week 1 Was No Fun
Continuing the theme of running around like a penguin with my ass on fire (if you get the reference, high five. If you don't, go get caught up on Doctor Who because the new companion, Bill, is everything), I'm late in posting my promised weekly update. That...

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Day 1 - General Discomfort with Discussing Weight
Holy eight months of not blogging, Batman. Between being gut wrenchingly busy externally, a ball of mess internally, and struggling with wicked writer's block, I've had nothing to say. There's only so many times you can pop in and say, "hi! I'm a mess!" or ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Rocking Life
I’ve seen an inordinate amount of blog posts recently about
hints and steps to optimize your life. This ranges from the “Most Perfect t
Morning Routine Ever in 167 Easy Minutes” to “How to be a 50s Housewife in 27
Easy Daily Steps” to “How to Kick All the A...

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I'm Not a Hot Mess, I'm a Mess Mess
First, and most importantly, if you're a Coloradan go here and read this, it's an important and necessary ballot initiative that people should learn about (and in my opinion, support)

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I've Heard it Both Ways
I've been watching the show Psych. And by watching I mean completely, unhealthily binging. Like all the time. I love it. One of the continuous bits is the plethora of jobs the main character has had. I was thinking to myself - haha, silly Shawn Spencer, no ...

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Obviously, You're Single
An open letter to the man I met last week. When you stated to me, "well, you're obviously single" and gestured up and down my body a la Hiccup's father from How to Train Your Dragon, you joined an illustrious group of people. The lady at the grocery store w...

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I Work Out! Wait... I Meant... I Work Nights!
I have not blogged in a loooooong time. I mean months. That's like a millennia in internet time (I'm not sure of the exact conversion, so give or take a few years or hundred.) There's a lot of reasons. I have had mono. I was looking for a full time counseli...

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The Antidote to Bullies is Wicked and Doctor Who
Something weird is a foot in my life – I am being bullied.
This might sound odd, considering I am almost 30 years old. It’s especially
strange because I am one of the lucky few who escaped school age without being
bullied. via I understand Glinda on a deep ...

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Marriage is the Worst. And the Best.
I was watching Inside Out the other night for the first time. Oh, the feels. THE FEELS. Literally, figuratively, metaphorically, grammatically. ALL THE FEELS. If you haven't seen it, do it. Right now. If it doesn't move you, I'm 97.9% sure you are a gargoyl...
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