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No one plans to be in a winter car accident. What should you do if you are hit or if you hit someone else?

1. You must stay on the scene until you have satisfied your duties. What are your duties? You must give your name, address, and registration number of the vehicle you were driving to the others involved in the accident. If requested, you must also show your driver’s license.

2. If anyone is injured, you must offer “reasonable assistance,” meaning either calling for help or taking the injured to receive help (after you have satisfied your duties)

3. Accidents involving an injury, $1000 or more of property damage to any single property, or $200 or more of damage to government property (other than a motor vehicle) mean that you must contact police right away.

The state of Wisconsin is serious about following the appropriate procedures after an accident. Failing to stop or remain at the scene of the accident, or to comply with other accident procedures, could result in fines and possibly jail time, along with a felony conviction on your record.
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