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Blogger since 1998, SEO & Internet Marketing Expert, Director at SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd, Founder of,,,,
Blogger since 1998, SEO & Internet Marketing Expert, Director at SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd, Founder of,,,,

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My review of Shipmatica, a Shop & Ship service:

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A closer look at the chemical composition and technology behind the Corning® Gorilla® Glass. Here are some more photos from our recent experience visit to Corning Incorporated.
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I have started offering SEO services and Internet Marketing in Kochi, Kerala under the label "SEO Professor". If you are looking for SEO companies or Internet Marketers in Kochi/Kerala region, feel free to visit us in our office. I do offer SEO services to global clients as well and will be sharing a few testimonials very soon.

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Kerala Travel Blogs

Planning a vacation in Kerala? Read the travel blogs from the real travelers who have experienced the tourist destinations in Kerala. Follow IndiaTravelBlog to learn more about the first hand experience on vacation stay at various destinations in Kerala.

Do you like to share your travel experience? Be a guest blogger with us and share your experience about any travel destinations in Kerala. We do accept travel stories from those who are interested in exploring places and like to share the experience with the world.

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Check out our review of EZTalks Video Conferencing solution - 

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I visited the Chain Tree at Lakkidi, Wayanad last week during my trip to Wayand and Ooty. The Chain Tree was not really part of my itinerary but since it was just opposite to the hotel I stayed and it was one of the top attractions as per the tourist guide given by the hotel, I decided to take a look. In fact, the tree was visible directly from my hotel room (The Wayanad Gate hotel) but I didn't notice anything special about the tree. It looked just like any other trees in that area. But I got a bit curious when I saw many cars and tourist buses stop by and taking photos.

The tree was just 50 meters from the hotel and I walked to it with my camera. As I approach the tree, I noticed the big steel chaning sunken into the trunk of the tree. Also, there was some signboards that says "Changala maram", "Chain tree", "No parking in front of Chain Tree" etc. 

I was still wondering what is so special about this tree. There was a small tea shop run by a lady and while sipping my tea there, she asked me if I know the story about the tree. Looks like she read my mind and she explained the history (or, legend?) associated with the tree. That was an interesting and touching story. Here is the summary of it:

During 18th century, the British decided to explore the routes through the Wayanad ghats to transport spices from Kozhikkode and other parts of the ghats. They took help from a local adivasi moopan called "Karinthandan". After identifying all the secret routes with the help of the moopan, a British engineer shot him dead to take full credit of identifying the new routes. Later, it is believed that the soul of Karinthandan started haunting the travellers and finally, a priest chained the soul into a tree, which is now called the Chain tree. I did more research on this legend and found a lot of information from the historical books and other sources. I have shared what I learnt in this blog -

Currently, there is a small temple attached to the tree. The deity of the temple is none other than "Karinthandan" who was killed by the British after taking his help to identify the unknown routes through the ghats.  
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Google introduced a new feature in AdSense called "Matched Content" to help publishers increase user engagement in their websites and blogs.

Read some common questions about Matched Content feature and find some tips to get your blog approved for the same.

You can see it in action here (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the suggested links block)

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Are you ready for the mobile challenge past April 21st? Find answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the mobile usability search algorithm change on April 21 by Google.

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