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No company should exclusively own a TLD! RT +Dave Winer Tech press (still) misses Google/Amazon name grab.

Realized I haven't ridden over 100 miles in 4 years, yet I've already done so 3 times this season. Perhaps we'll topple that 154mi best yet!

CycleLog for June 23, 2012: 6:24:18, 101.06 miles outdoors, 15.78mph avg, 41.61mph max.

CycleLog for June 21, 2012: 2:31:02, 43.23 miles outdoors, 17.17mph avg, 41.61mph max.

CycleLog for June 19, 2012: 00:52:10, 33.6 miles outdoors, 38.65mph avg, 24.54mph max.

CycleLog for June 17, 2012: 1:23:34, 13.77 miles outdoors, 10.00mph avg, 20.90mph max.

CycleLog for June 16, 2012: 6:18:17, 110.19 miles outdoors, 17.48mph avg, 40.05mph max.

RT +***** "People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything." ~Thomas Sowell #business #leadership

Spot on. RT @grmpyprogrammer: "I recognize McDonald’s is dirt-cheap and ubiquitous, but so is bird shit."
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