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Consumer credit counseling service options or debt settlement programs are viable options for consumers that are overwhelmed with credit card debt.  However a consumer credit counseling service or a debt settlement program will not be the best route for all people.  The good news is that a consumer credit counseling service or a debt settlement consultation will always include free information where consumers can be assisted with learning the facts that they need to know regarding all financial debt solutions.

The majority of people understand some of the basics, like how failing to make a payment will cause your score to go down, but there are a number of complexities that trip up the average consumer. By law credit card companies are required to disclose to consumers on their statements how long it will take for them to pay off their credit cards if they are only paying minimum payments.  Sometimes this information can be in small print and consumers fail to see this information.   It is important for consumers to view a reliable debt calculator pay off tool.

Consumer credit counseling services or companies, along with the best debt settlement companies, will assist consumers with learning about all their options.  A consumer credit counseling service or settlement consultation can be very educational and consumers get the chance to ask questions for free to experienced debt counselors.

According to reputable non profit consumer credit counseling service companies, “if you pay your debts on time, don’t carry too much debt on any one card, don’t close older accounts unless absolutely necessary and only apply for new credit when you have to you will generally be in good shape.  However, it is important to keep yourself informed so you can maintain a credit score that accurately reflects your consumer status.”

A consumer credit counseling service should also explain to consumers that lenders use your credit report in order to judge your reliability as a loan candidate. Your credit report indicates your ability to handle debt responsibly and will help banks decide if you are a desirable loan customer. A high credit score can help you lock in low APR rates or secure special deals on loans. A bad credit report may prevent you from securing loans and can damage your ability to buy a car, open a credit card or rent a home. A history of inability to manage your credit successfully will make lenders uncomfortable about trusting you with additional funds in the future.

Non profit consumer credit counseling services or companies can be reliable sources to obtain free information from.  However when joining a consumer credit counseling service there are negatives that consumers must be made aware of.  Some of the negatives include a 3rd party notation going on a person’s credit report for up to 7 years.   A 3rd party negative notation that appears on a consumers credit report when joining consumer counseling credit services indicates that the consumer was unable to manage their debts on their own and can be looked down upon by future lenders.   Consumer credit counseling services are often plans that last for on average 4 to 5 years.  Consumers can save money on interest when joining on credit consumer counseling plans, but will still pay back the entire balance on their cards and interest.  Therefore this day and age when a consumer joins a consumer credit counseling service, their payment may not be much lower than what the consumer would be paying if they were to continue paying only minimum payments.

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