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Robert Bryden
Proud NSW AMEP Senate Candidate in the July 2nd NSW election
Proud NSW AMEP Senate Candidate in the July 2nd NSW election

Let's Talk About Tax Relief Hypocrisy in the 2016 Election

More hypocrisy from the major parties

Well , who would be thoughts .... today it was revealed , from a simple recording of what Bill shorten had said in 2011 , that he supported tax relief for business, aiming to help them and to help growth in the economy . He says it was thwarted at that time by the greens and the coalition who opposed his proposed tax cuts

Now , the coalition is proposing tax cuts to help small business and to help growth in the economy and Bill shorten is opposing them .

Is it any wonder the Australian community is sick of politicians and politics . That they've switched of from the major parties ? Politics being played as a game , above the needs of the community and the vital small businesses all around the country

The Common sense Core Vales of AMEP guide our policy development and the voting of its senators . The core principles guiding the major parties seem to be " how can we grab power by getting headlines " . Bill shorten is certainly in the headlines today , for opposing tax relief now , similar to the tax relief he he earlier proposed .

The question we at AMEP ask is " what's best for the country " a stark difference in our motivation and action to the majors

Yes , we support tax cuts for small business . It makes sense that small business owners and staff are far better at building wealth for the country than government spending ever can . Remember pink batts and over priced school halls? .

All political parties should get behind small business tax cuts and stop their dishonest politically based point scoring flip flops . Honesty and common sense in politics ? Yes , it's possible and it's called voting 1 for AMEP in the senate
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It’s great to hear our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop speak today about the importance of small business as the backbone of Australia and as AMEP Senate Candidate for NSW I totally endorse those comments.

But what’s been done to assist small business aside from proposing a tiny tax cut? No mention about the Red Tape that was promised to be cut at the last election .

I was contacted this morning by a voter very concerned about the effect of Red Tape on his business as a Vehicle Certifier . He wasn’t worried about saving a few cents in tax , he was worried about the over reach of Government staff destroying his business and the prospects of his clients specialist vehicles being allowed on the road .

The Regulations say that a private, approved Engineer has the responsibility to certify that an individually built vehicle is safe and sound for use on the road . Should anything go wrong , he carries , as part of his obligations , a very large insurance policy to protect those who drive the vehicles he certifies in the highly unlikely event anything should go wrong. All good so far .

However , we now are seeing interference by government employees , who have no engineering role in the certification process , no insurance and are not approved as Certifiers , dipping their hands into the mix, deliberately raising road blocks and incorrectly applying Australian Design Rules to prevent local car enthusiasts from building a car from, say, a Kit from a well-known supplier! This is not within their remit and the Regulators should be directed to assist local enthusiasts and local businesses build specialist cars rather than do everything they can to stop them.

A well-known Australian supplier of specialist cars and kits , PRB , was forced to shut down due the burdens placed upon by the Regulations and the Regulator. This would not happen overseas where similar businesses making very similar vehicles thrive with the support of common sense regulations and regulators.

We need representation in Canberra that understands the needs of small business – a tiny tax cut helps but removing the Red Tape that strangles business and changing the attitude of Regulators is far more valuable.
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Oops Julie Bishop Let's Talk About Super....

Did anyone feel a little bit sorry for Julie Bishop when she got tripped up on a radio yesterday about the
hidden effects of the proposed changes to Super?
It is hard for a Politician to be on top of complex changes and even harder to defend bad policy. While the
major parties make decisions based on grabbing money from Australians whilst trying to lose the least votes,
as Senate Candidate NSW AMEP I am able to make an independent decision based on our core values which
include individual responsibility and lower taxation through Government efficiency.
How can we allow a Government to change the Rules part way through the game? The excellent idea of
superannuation was introduced as a way to allow individual Australians, baring in mind our ageing
population to build their own nest egg for their independent future and in so doing reduce the number of
Australians relying on the aged pension. What a great idea.
It aimed to encourage people to save in this way, over their working life rather than just spending their
money in younger years by giving some tax advantages. No one can argue with that.
The government made rules and Australians played by those rules and built their nest egg to fund their own
comfortable retirement rather than burdening younger tax payers who would otherwise be forced to pay for
the older generations retirement years.
Win – win for Australians of all ages, until Malcolm Turnbull ….
Now our Prime Minister, of all people is planning to change the rules half way through the game. Australians
who have worked hard, paid tax along the way and invested their savings into superannuation in accordance
with the rules are now faced with being taxed on their earnings from balances over $1.6M for the first time
when they planned their retirement in accordance with the rules.
• Why this arbitrary figure?
• What happens if the value of the fund goes down with the share-market fall?
• What happens if the value of the fund goes up?
• Will someone suddenly have to pay tax?

Despite the PMs denial this is a retrospective change – individual Australians have invested their savings in
according to the rules and now the rules are to be changed. This retrospectively affects decisions made for
investments probably 10 or 20 years or more ago when Australians did what the politicians wanted them to,
invest in superannuation to self fund their future. This was never a rule or consideration.
The changes in rules that tripped up Julie Bishop “transition to retirement” the very sensible idea that
people heading towards full retirement could be encouraged by taking a small pension from their superfund
whilst still contributing part time to the work force and still make contributions. This sensible idea and rule
is now to be removed by a re-elected Turnbull Government to increase their tax revenue at the expense of
thrifty Australian workers of retirement age.
As an AMEP Senator candidate if elected I will put commonsense thinking back into Government. Until such
time as all Australians can be sure that Government spending is under control, Government hands should be
kept out of the Superannuation savings of Australians.
Government spending is the problem, not Government revenue.

Sorry or not for Julie Bishop, you can certainly see why Ms Bishop wanted to avoid this discussion live on
Rob Bryden
Vote 1 AMEP
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Letter to the NSW Voters in the July 2nd 2016 Election

Dear fellow NSW voters,

I have put my hand up to seek your vote in the coming senate election in a political atmosphere dominated by the big parties, by big unions, big business and inner city elites.

As an AMEP Senator I will fight for better safer roads, better public transport, improved productivity by reducing congestion, will fight to take the politics out of marriage equality and allow the people to decide on this important social issue. This decision is one of many that should be above politics.

In the Senate, the White Voting paper, I urge you to vote for 6 minor parties above the line, with your first preference for the commonsense and centrist policies of AMEP – do not waste your vote with the major parties

There is a change of Prime Minister every 5 minutes, there is a flip flop of policy based on opinion poles, not based on what is right for our country. The major parties have let Australia down. Recently, Malcolm Turnbull changed the voting laws in connivance with the Greens in an attempt to forever prevent the real people representing small parties from ever being elected again. This stops real people from having a voice.

We need to fight back.

If we don’t all vote for the minor groups, the future of Australian politics will only ever involve two parties only – a Labor-Green coalition and a Liberal-National coalition. No independent voices will ever be heard in Parliament again. This is exactly what the major parties want.

We need small government, less rules and regulations and an atmosphere that encourages investment and growth in the vital small to medium business sector.

I will oppose the abolishment of negative gearing. No one seems to remember that Labor tried that in 1985. It was a disaster, caused massive fall out in the property market and big falls in the value of Australian home owners properties. Do you want your property to lose value overnight again? It was such a bad decision, it was reversed two years later by the same party, Labor. Let’s not let a major party repeat the same mistake again.

At the end of the day, I am an Australian citizen, normal guy with family and grandchildren, have worked hard all my life, been fortunate enough to be successful in business through hard work, integrity and caring about my fellow community.

I am proud to have won an Equal Opportunity Employment Award when running my law firm and believe all Australians from whatever background can work together and have an independent and sensible voice in Canberra, that has no hidden agenda and will decide each issue before the Senate based on what’s best for our country, not what faceless backroom people dictate.

I urge you to vote Rob Bryden, AMEP, NSW for Senate. I listen, I hear and I speak for you.
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