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I'm now in the 13 episodes of CrashCourse Chemistry and draft a piece of music to help me remember the history of atmospheric oxygen accumulation since life began stage of an intense cold.

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Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

I intervened in a bizarre fistfight at a bus stop this evening. Lots of kindness to all. When called, never hesitate to be the first to step in. 

Bernie Bernie! Dang dang! +supertuesday

I'm subletting my room Feb-May. Contact me directly with questions or an application.

I was surprised to discover my mutual fund (savings) was not excluding fossil fuels companies. I switched. Give back to our planet and divest from fossil fuels. I use Pax World Mutual Fund's Global Environmental Markets Fund.

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Part 1 is here! It's kind of long, so skip to the last paragraphs if you need to. Please let me know what you think.
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