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+Rich Dumene Your CSM Codex came in.

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This cardboard standee is free to a good home... first come, first serve. If you want it, come and get it before Sunday.

The war for the Konor system was hard fought, but in the end, the corrupting taint of Chaos controlled too much of the once-prosperous system. Although some Imperial defenders linger on Konor, fighting a guerrilla war, Loebos was successfully turned into a drifting plague planet which shall be the scourge of the Ultramar Sector for years to come.

Congrats to Chaos for the win (locally, anyway)

Now for some fun statistics:

Total Points Gained (across both factions) - 192

The breakdown of points per faction:
-Chaos - 99 pts
-Imperium - 76 pts
-Xenos - 16 pts (all subtracting from Imperium)

We had excellent participation overall, thank you everyone who participated for making this event awesome! Both sides fought hard, but ultimately the higher density of Chaos players gave Chaos the edge they needed to become victorious.

Of those 191 points, 85 were from battles.
Total battles fought - 46
Total Game Day battles - 35
Total BFG battles - 4

Points breakdown from Game Days:
-Chaos - 49
-Imperium - 9
-Xenos - 14 (all subtracting from Imperium)

Points breakdown from other battles:
-Chaos - 5
-Imperium - 7
-Xenos - 0

As it turns out, the Xenos were extremely important in securing a Chaos victory. Without the overall points deficit from Game Days, Imperium might have won just based on dataslates painted. So on behalf of all Chaos players, thank you, Xenos!

Total dataslates painted - 78
Total Chaos dataslates - 36 dataslates/51 pts
Total Imperial dataslates - 41 dataslates/67 pts
Total Xenos dataslates - 1 dataslate/1 pt

Points breakdown of dataslates painted for Chaos:
BFG - 10 pts/10 dataslates
Vehicles - 6 pts/6 dataslates
Characters - 11 pts/7 dataslates
Units - 19 pts/10 dataslates

Points breakdown of dataslates painted for the Imperium:
BFG - 17 pts/ 17 dataslates
Vehicles - 1 pts/1 dataslate
Characters - 26 pts/15 dataslates
Units - 12 pts/ 9 dataslates

Total number of bullshit “I painted one dude for 2 points” dataslates - 16 (Not counting vehicles)

Breakdown of Chaos single model dataslates:
Psykers - 2
Start Collecting - 4

Breakdown of Imperial single model dataslates:
Psykers - 2
Elites - 8
Start Collecting - 1

Approximately 50% of the Imperial points came from painting a single model for double points, compared to approximately only 10% of the Chaos points. Most of those Imperial points were gained during Elites week (week 2)... Shenanigans? Favoritism? Only GW can tell... :P

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Vroom vroom! A Hellion transport ready to drive the forces of Chaos into battle! (a rhino proxy)

+1 to Chaos!

Andrew, you Grey Knights codex came in.

+Joseph Johns​ would if be possible to borrow one of your forgeworld imperial knights next Sunday for superheavy week?

Just a reminder, everyone - the Fate of Konor game day this Sunday (8/27) will start at 5:00 pm due to an AoS event.

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Despite their best efforts, the Imperium was unable to reclaim the warp scarred wilderness of Vanitor. The remaining Imperial forces looked on in horror as the raw empyrean desecrated the once beautiful world.

Congrats to Chaos which won the day in the mountains of Vanitor!
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Finished my drow skinned Herald of Slaanesh!

+2 Chaos

+Brian Hollenberger your Lustrian Undergrowth arrived.

+Jonas Chechak Your copy of Codex Grey Knights arrived.

+Nathan Gerber Your copy of Codex CSM arrived.
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