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Idrialis Castillo
¡Hola!- Hardcore Tech, Food & Science Lover. Singularitian. Joaquín Sabina & Enríque Bunbury fan ツ
¡Hola!- Hardcore Tech, Food & Science Lover. Singularitian. Joaquín Sabina & Enríque Bunbury fan ツ

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Don't mess with a princess! 

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_"The rate of technological innovation is not a linear graph, it is a rather an exponential curve.

Currently we need to figure out how to increase the computational power of our current systems. Hardware has to be made smaller and more efficient to process large amount of data. Once when we figure that out- achieving human percetion, emotions and understanding in a computer would be a series of developments that would be exponential resulting in singularity.

However, given the pace of technological growth – there’s a specific date futurologists have predicted for the singularity – 2035. If that is proved correct, we will be part of a very privileged generation – a generation that will witness the birth of ASI – and the world will change overnight."_

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How can I change my Google Account Location? I need it to be a US account... No luck so far 😕

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Something worth watching for Earth Day.

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<<Jan Scheuermann, a 55-year-old quadriplegic woman with electrodes in her brain, has been able to fly an F-35 fighter jet using "nothing but her thoughts.">>

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My beautiful Félicétte and Obsi
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Direct brain-to-brain connection has been established between humans for the second time

Scientists in the US have successfully linked the brains of six people, allowing one person to control the hands of another using just their thoughts. 
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