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Leading Drug Addiction Treatment Centre In New Delhi
Leading Drug Addiction Treatment Centre In New Delhi

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If the patient have some beliefs that can occur in real life (such as being followed or poisoned) for at least 3 months.
Absence of strange behavior (which can be seen in other psychotic disorder like schizophrenia).
The disturbance in the patient should not be due to the direct physiological effects of a substance (drug of abuse or medication) or a general medical condition.
There will be no persistent hallucinations.

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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder in which there is a gross disturbance of reality and distorted thought processes. Delusions and Hallucinations are the main symptoms which are called positive symptoms of schizophrenia along with symptoms of decreased speech, lack of emotions, and a withdrawal from society , are called the negative symptoms of schizophrenia.
Coping with these symptoms is a difficult challenge and to be able to function properly on a day to day basis and maintain a quality life may seem impossible. But there are strategies on helping a person cope with having schizophrenia and lessen the severity of these symptoms.

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Things to know
• Children’s, who did not find healthy family environment, often developed many negative things such as conflict, complex, guilt, hopelessness and loss of confidence. And all these things may convert to major mental illness.
• The environmental factors contribute significantly in development of mental illness.
• Many research studies also suggests that some children, due to their certain environmental factors and stress, develop major mental illness.
• Ill family environment may affects a child’s thinking, emotions, perception and behaviours.
• Families need education and guidance in coping and communication skills, in providing emotional support to the child, and how to deal with a sick child.
• Furthermore, with the environmental factors, genetic factors also are responsible for development of mental illness.

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If a patient is detoxifying rapidly from opioid dependence, Naltrexone may be prescribed. Rapid detoxification is a medical procedure in which the patient is under anaesthesia and naltrexone is given to induce opioid withdrawal.The process makes the opioid withdrawal symptoms last for hours instead of days.

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When he came to Tulasi, he was looking very calm, but it was the lull before the storm. As soon as he entered the premises, he attacked the doctor and injured him badly. It was a herculean task to control him. He was given sedation then only he came under control.

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One commonly-suggested way is by reducing the intake amount. It also helps to have a glass of water between every drink when on a night out, as is heavily diluting your drink. Stick to your limit and drink slowly, it is not a race. Fill your stomach with plenty of food before during and after your booze intake.

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Harm reduction is based on the fact that many people all over the world continue to use alcohol and psychoactive substances in spite of all the efforts to prevent initiation or continuous use. It acknowledges that many people who use substances are unable or unwilling to give up using.
It is easier to make small changes than big ones. so the impact of these small changes made by large number of people is humongous in comparison to big changes by fewer people.

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 It may be tough to deal with rebellious teens with strict rules and discipline because this may backfire and can make them overaggressive. But it doesn’t mean that teen’s behavioural problems cannot be resolved. It is treatable through two ways- Self-help and mental health professionals.

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