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Be Ready for Change..
Join President Obama as he "travels" across the country in a virtual whistle-stop tour. The President will join Google+ Hangouts with people across the United States and talk with Americans about the issues laid out in his speech. RSVP now to watch the live Hangout on Friday, January 31.

Watch the full video of the State of the Union and learn more about all the ways you can engage with us at #POTUSRoadTrip

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Keyshia Cole Ladies..

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Title: MeNo-SuperHuman 
This is a time where, as if aliens could come down to earth to rule. Who would You serve? If the dead rise before your eyes what would you do. Would you pray for yourself, being taken away or what would you do? - or think while in Horror? The world as you knew, it is not the same. Giants our walking, the Earth making Mankind as Slaves. The outside universe is changing... reports of, laser beams- causing human beings- to- turn, to- Ash-and Fire and Destruction all around you. Wars are popping- up everywhere. This event is reported, so why fear- we are all going to change, in a twinkling of, an eye. Yet pray that you do-not have to- go from, the beginning to the end. Of this larger-than-life change,will- children not suffer this? it- is only! A question for Now... Michael91325

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Only Time will Tell, if the Weather in your relationship is unruffled..Even if one is calm for Now!.. Feeling Under The Weather. Michael91325

A heart well worth winning, and well won. A heart that, once won,
goes through fire and water for the winner,  and never changes,
and is never daunted.                                    --Charles Dickens
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