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Dallas Adams
Author looking to get big! :)
Author looking to get big! :)

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Finally getting back to this after all the family drama. Hope you guys remember me :)

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Paralyzed With Fear
Every night the man found himself fighting a losing battle. No matter how hard he worked and thought things through, at the end of the day he would be forced to this edge. Staring down at the mess called life; he had no idea what he wanted. Where was he goi...

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You'll Be Safe With Me
The woman stumbled back as her towel dropped. The man reached out to grab her. She shut her eyes tightly anticipating disaster. She opened one of her eyes to stare at the man standing frozen in front of her. His hand still reached for her, but he hung his h...

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Scene From Falling Capricorn.
A breeze blew in making my comfortable bed feel so cold, so empty. I groaned gently turning to the side reaching for my purple covers. I couldn't seem to feel the silk sheets with my hands. I opened my watery eyes and glanced down for the covers. I couldn't...

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Loving in Vain
       I laid upon the bed, naked and exposed for anyone to see. Laying upon my side, the tears had long since dried. I knew he wouldn't ever be coming back from the start. Once he got me here and took what he wanted, he wouldn't return to this place. Why w...

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Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death...
    The chains rattled as he pulled me forward. My tired brown eyes stared down, my bare legs trembling from the endless walking forced upon me. The moon's light glittered from the broken shards upon the ground. The blood from my feet painted the walkway. W...

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      The demon wandered through the destroyed city.
This had been his doing, to everything Rosalina had cherished and loved. Guilt
crept up on him as he searched through the rubble for the entrance of his cave.
Was he really returning to the cage he had en...

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Star Light Star Bright
Stars shine bright all over the universe, but no star shined brighter than his sparkling baby blue. While he was a dull red, her blue rays seemed to give him warmth even though they were galaxies apart. He never had a chance to speak to her.  In fact, he ne...

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Rosalina & Ura
Rosalina dropped the dagger onto the forest floor, hands to
her mouth at the realization of what she had just done. "I-I-I..." she started while Ura arose from under
the dead man. He let the body plop to the ground, spitting on it before his
sharp eyes fell...

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News Update, High School Done. More Stories,Poems, and Perhaps Lyrics! Coming Soon!
So I graduated high school guys! Now that the most chaotic time of school is out, I will be able to post a lot more short stories and poems. For my wonderful readers who have been with me through this long gap of my absence,  I will try to bring to you some...
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