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Kalista Sabourin
Canadian homeschooler, minimalist, brand new military wife.
Canadian homeschooler, minimalist, brand new military wife.

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We're finally getting our homeschool room (which also happens to be our dining room) set up in the new house.  

My husband made me a new chalkboard frame and it is amazing!!  It definitely makes the room feel a little more chic!

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These are so cute!  My little ones want their own "work" to do while big sister does hers.  They would love this!

I'm so excited to share this NEW letter tile printable pack featuring 14 season/holidays with 80+ pages! This is perfect for early learners. Grab the bundle and prepare for a year's worth of seasons and celebrations ahead of time!

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We made our own felt purse last week because, as my four year old said, "Every girl needs a place to hide her money."

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Love this! I always worry about not fitting everything in. 
Relax! How to Easily Add In Art & Music to Your Homeschool Day
With the growing list of homeschool subjects that comes with each grade, it is easy to run out of homeschool day before you do subjects.
One secret tip to easily add art and music to your day is to not schedule them.
As fixated as I am on schedules, I am equally fixated with homeschooling simply.

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Make your own dinosaur eggs!

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Choosing curriculum doesn't have to be stressful!

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My kids love knitting with me in the evenings...and this way I don't have to trust them with sharp sticks. ;)

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Tackling some of the assumptions people make when they hear we homeschool.  

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20 Ways to Pamper Yourself without Leaving the House
 With four little ones that have a 6th sense that tells them when I'm trying to relax, me time can be hard to come by, It's not always practical, or even possible, for me to get out of the house.  By the time bed time rolls around, I'm usually too tired to ...

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Salt Dough St. Patrick's Day Necklaces
I have three girls.  They love all things princess.  Sparkles. Frilly Dresses.  Pink.  Jewellery.  Especially jewellery.  This week we tried our hand at making our own beads!  Naturally, I needed to use these for my love of seasonal crafts...and Salt Dough ...
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