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Blue is one of a very popular colour choices and is a safe color to use with interior decorating. It is calming, instills a sense of serenity and peace - these are the reasons why blue is so popular for bedrooms.
It is also useful for children’s rooms as just by simply altering the color of the accents and accessories the blue can be changed to look differently.
In bathrooms, it can be used for creating a spa like tranquil atmosphere.
If used in kitchen, paint, furniture or dishes, blue color is said to decrease appetite.
This cool, quiet and reserved color can also represent formality.
It is striking as a blue and white combination – blue and white china, or the ticking on a mattress.
This season blue is indeed a new black. Traditional black items (like jackets, suits and shoes) were substituted for a deep navy hues.
Pantone Colour trend report is giving us few options when it comes to blue this year, from a refreshing aqua blue of Island Paradise to deep and sophisticated Navy Peony and we've got them all covered at our outlet stores and online.
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