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Awesome! That was my Favorite trail while living in Round Rock. Still have a house there so I'm sure I'll be back someday to spruce it up or try to sell it so let's plan on a good G-Lake run!
I did not know this is where you lived!
Don't you remember when we met up for the movie at the Alamo? That crazy Zombie movie? We lived very close to that theater.
I you think at that time I was able to orient myself in took me all of 5 years living in Portland to figure out directions of highway. I am a little faster here, but may be because I get to drive more for reasons not related to wanting it. In PDX I only knew 2 routes well: Gorge and Forest Park (various entries to trailheads). :))
I hear you. Try living on both coasts and in the middle of Texas like we have! East becomes West, the Atlantic becomes the Pacific. Now all of a sudden your coast is to the South! :) I 95 becomes I- 5 and now I 35....
Honey, I spent 11 years in NYC...and drove all East Coast from Canada to Key West.
Olga! What do I have to do to convince you to come to Idaho for the IMTUF 100? I will be missing out on Pocatello this year. I would go, but I will be on crunch time for my son to be born :)
Ben, it just doesn't fit into family and travel combo again! I do remember about the race though:) One of these years...And you're having a baby, yay!
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