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Maria João Valente
Archaeologist. Professor. Mac geek.
Archaeologist. Professor. Mac geek.

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One of the best Neanderthal sketches I've ever seen. Great work.

Hello, Evernote community. Anyone knows if there's another notes bulk export feature in the works (besides enex and html)? Having it in pdf would be great.

(Using Mac OS 10.8.)

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A minha primeira colaboração no Sul Informação. :)

Sobre arqueologia, claro. E mistérios...

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Sul Informação — Novo projecto jornalístico para o Baixo Alentejo e Algarve

Muito bem vindo e a seguir!

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Helen Mirren's interview to The Guardian.

WTF happened to my circles in G+? They are empty. Void!

Google big screw-up!

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Wow! Beautifully made... music becomes even more poetic. :)

(There are more concepts to see in YouTube.)

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Pérola da música portuguesa. :) E merece ver quem apresenta a música ao público.

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“It’s a mystery to me,” she says. “As far as I can see women who have facelifts don’t look younger, just weirder. You see them on screen with these tight, little porcelain faces – then the hand goes up to the face and it looks like it belongs to an alien. I find it really freaky."

-- Elizabeth McGovern(Downton Abbey's actress and a good damn one!)

Pssss... she's speaking of Nicole Kidman, right?
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