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Ziona Etzion

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Ziona Etzion

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Ziona Etzion

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A good wife always knows her place. (oh boy...who would imagine that the world would change so dramatically!) Boy did we have to learn what our place and space is.) ALL BOILS DOWN TO MUTUAL RESPECT AND GOOD COMMUNICATION. 
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Ziona Etzion

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The simplest customer service frustration question of all

"Why isn't this as important to you as it is to me?"
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Have her in circles
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Ziona Etzion

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The Prince of Wales has called on Europe to ‘recalibrate and re-gear’ its food systems towards a local model of food production and distribution - while issuing a wide-ranging attack on current practices within the food industry.
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This is really quite prolific when you think about it. 
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Ziona Etzion

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Is this recommended?
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Do you really think its possible? I'd not believe it.
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Ziona Etzion

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"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it." -Mary Engelbreit חולה על שיווק באינטרנט ומדייה חברתית

I believe in the Global Community in order to build a team of entrepreneurs aligned 

We bring richness of real-life sharing to the business arena. We reach out "Nourishing Communities"  the way we teach them to build a business... learning new skills and earning money to live. 

Everything you are, all the facets together, ultimately accomplish your objectives to achieve your goals thus realize the vision you have for your life!

Make a road-plan to teach us how to assess and master our understanding of our present situation so that our perception of our lifestyle is real.

Discover what is your own personal cause and effect. Learn what drives you with the help of experienced mentors that mentor all those that are engaged in our business.

Your personal story makes you connect, inspires you to engage and maximize your potential.

By creating the networking platform with an inbuilt support team, an incubator like network of personal and professional relationships that nurture and understand, accept and empower you to live with positively and reinforced energy.

The Life Lessons we learn:-
1. How to restructure and reorganize—getting more done in less time—by focusing your energy on what really matters. 
2. Streamline and simplify your life and learn how to direct the proper attention to your most precious assets i.e you, your family and your community

Working with people from around the world is my passion.

 Step Process to to live by:-

1. we LEARN

2. we EARN

3. we RETURN

I am a Lifesurfer, networker, Social Activist, People’s person on line in order to meet others, share ideas, reach out and communicate with others at a real level to play a part in creating a just, fair and dignified world.

A blogger and am interested about the use of social media in the nonprofit sector for social change. I am so excited to begin this new chapter in my life! So much has changed over the course of this year. I have always wanted to express myself. Writing is becoming as important to share my thoughts and feelings as art is.

I believe in Social entrepreneurship and I do not think that the Social media has embraced this aspect fully to make it meaningful to community members.  We are the community. Spend hours online and yet are not recognised in the equation as worthy of recognition and compensation.

I would love to share my life with you and know about what you are doing in yours.

My focus and determination was tested a lot over the post year. At times, I felt that all was lost, until the realization came to me, that all this was another life lesson to strengthen me, waiting to be understood and used.

Is it not amazing how things change when one thinks in a different way? With faith, belief and determination. Have faith and change your life.

Choice can affect our well-being, the people we surround ourselves with, our career choice and the success of our personal and business lives.

“You are the way you are because that’s the way you want to be. If you really wanted to be any different, you would be in the process of changing right now.”
— Fred Smith: The founder of Federal Express

How did I decide to get into my line of work?

I believe in Social Entrepreneurship and Networking Marketing as a profession of Merit.  I see that people are finding it harder to find jobs and they need to develop a talent that stands out inviting others to want to work with them.

The buzzwords are "taking the initiative"   I love going out and doing something that at the end of the day there are tangible results. As Jakob Nielsen said, television is "lean back" media, and I prefer the "lean forward" experience creating something with my computer, canvas, or notebook, graphite, textile with color and/or thread.  Joining a member to our network and training them in the business.

 In the digital age, change is an integral part of our lifestyle. What was innovative today becomes obsolete tomorrow, as business owners we need to upgrade and fill-in gaps in both our expertise, sales, marketing, personal leadership and fostering excellence.

If you're not going forward, you must be going backward!

Why does my work stand out from others who do what I do?

I have great Social DNA.  I know how to build and nurture relationships.  I have firsthand knowledge and experience in what I am doing.  I am able to articulate with passion what I do.  I understand the market and how to build it.

I am sensitive to what is going on around me and instinctively know how to develop the content to make it human and interesting.  I love writing and making graphic messages to add to my stories.  Being an info-junkie allows me to get triggers from what I read and hear online.  I am full of Ideas and am forward thinking.

First of all I believe that it is important to work as a team.  I love working with other people.  It is

horrible to work alone.  As a team builder, I understand the importance of communication.  I love to network on and off-line sharing ideas with interesting people.

What do you wish Business builders knew about you or your profession?

 I think Network Marketing is the most democratic way of sharing profit, skills and building a business.  When done right it gives people a chance to build their skills and earn accordingly to the effort put in.

 You are invited to read this message CAREFULLY.

Take the time to study and apply proper marketing principles so you can step up to a life of that challenges you, builds your skills, allowing you to connect with amazing people.
There is no MAGIC in getting to the point of earning significant income, this is a unique kind of business that requires focus and a plan to succeed.
 You need to actualize the results you want by working it as a business...working it right makes the magic. Set realistic expectations and take action towards them consistently.

Do you realize that this kind of leverage is not bound to any one geographic location, which allows greater freedom in designing a lifestyle and in turn enjoying a greater quality of life.

The only industry of which I am know that lends itself to be the method of choice for today’s active lifestyle.

Community Marketing is, the only vehicle of which I know on a personal basis, that the average person who has the self discipline to acquire the requisite skill base can within a relatively short period of time (up till five years) create a good annual income.

One starts with Self-development, acknowledging that there are steps to take and new things to learn, Blogging (Like I am doing now to share ideas and connect to people -build relationships) Developing ones network on Social Media and learning Direct Marketing Strategies. Most importantly the leadership is always a call away.

There is value in this industry when one shares the truth, that there is work like in any other industry, here you do it for yourself, and those that you care about when you share with your team, your tribe.

Bragging rights
Changed countries, changed language, changed culture and learned about diversity. Learned essentially all of us have the same aspirations. To be treated fairly, to have opportunity and to not be exploited by others.
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    Marketing and customer relations, present
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