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Nancy Scott
Writer, Information Architect, Brand Journalist, Content Marketer
Writer, Information Architect, Brand Journalist, Content Marketer

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I Am Email-Exhausted. Here's How A Smart Marketer Got Through To Me.
©CC Exhausted Courtesy ofAglet I got an email today. I didn't know the sender. I had never heard of the company. But I read the email. I also Googled the company name to learn more. What made me do it? Two things: 1. This pitch was a straight-forward text m...

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“Urban Preppers”: Twelve Money Suckers You Can Go to War With Right Now!
©CCRockyRaccoonakaSeedThiefcourtesyofJerryMcFarland We’re ALL guilty ! Consider the sort of “extravagances” the average American wastes resources on without thinking. But why? We can do it much cheaper by doing it ourselves, reusing/recycling, consuming les...

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How to Choose the Editor You Need
Robin Sullivan knows the publishing and book marketing industry in and out. Fortunately for Washington-area writers, Robin hosts regular seminars for the “Washington DC Write to Publish” Meetup Group. Recently, Robin explained why book authors likely need s...

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Mad Marketing

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A terrific article about the science of language and the chemistry of copywriting.

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Do Millennials Read?
         Yes. Especially print. Iron Mountain Knowledge Center asks, "Do you think the world is abandoning the
printed page? Research indicates that a trend toward the tactile—even among Millennials—is
opening up exciting new creative opportunities for fulf...

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This Is My Favorite Marketing Newsletter Because ...
I get about 60 digital newsletters a day. I love this one. The graphic header is recognizable, yet shallow enough to show the crux of the blog post without scrolling down.   So critical.  Hubspot sends this out multiple times a day (two? three?). I always g...

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Serving Enewsletters? Get to the Meat!
©CreativeCommons by Heather Joan I got an e-newsletter today-- one of about 60. This one featured four boxes, each with a stock photo. Every box had a headline, 35 words of fluff copy, and a link to the company’s blog. The meat sat on the click-through. I n...

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How They Forced Me To Choose "Yes" and Like It
Crossroads by CarstenTolkmit @CC GraphicDesignBlender came up with a sneaky way to push website visitors to choose “yes.” I hopped from their excellent Design Blender newsletter to an article on the myriad benefits of featuring  testimonials on your website...

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Is Personal Branding A Load of Manure?
Photo courtesy of Ardonik @Creative Commons Is Personal Branding A Load of Manure? In their early November  podcast  , Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster  dissected the value of "personal branding." Does everything we do (or don't do) -- on or off the social web...
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