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Christopher Long
CHRISTOPHER LONG (Author, Show Biz Analyst, Entertainer, Missionary)
CHRISTOPHER LONG (Author, Show Biz Analyst, Entertainer, Missionary)

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PAPA DON'T PREACH: Righteous Revelations from Vans Warped Tour 2017
PAPA DON'T PREACH! Righteous Revelations from Vans Warped Tour 2017 _______________________ Hey you  —  socially  aware, non- gender-specific  "preacher" with the sparkly  guitar, perched upon the Acme  Soul Crusher Stage  — I don't  care what you eat, wh...

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BAD COP / BAD COP: California Combo Crushes Iconic Concert Tour
Photo: Jen Cray BAD COP / BAD COP California Combo  Crushes Iconic Concert Tour ______________________ I'd never seen my girlfriend dance before.  We'd  been a couple  for a year and  a half and we'd  attended dozens of  shows  together. But Diana always ...

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RECORD REVIEW: Lillie Mae "Forever and Then Some"
RECORD REVIEW Lillie Mae Forever and Then Some (Third Man Records) _______________________ Legendary music journalist, the late, great  Lester Bangs once  was credited  as saying that  we don't choose our music , our  music chooses us . That theory holds ...

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MY 10 HOTTEST SMMER JAMZ (2017) _________________________ Growing up during the '70s and '80s, summer was a  magical time of year  —  a season  punctuated   by sizzlin'  sounds  —  classic s from KISS,  Aerosmith , The Stones, McCartney,  Frampton, and SO...

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RECORD REVIEW: Glen Campbell "Adiós"
RECORD REVIEW Glen Campbell Adiós (Universal Music) _______________________ The  authentic  music  and  stories of  traditional  country  artists only seems to increase  in  value over time.  Hence, recent  records from such living  legends  as Loretta Ly...

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RECORD REVIEW: Bad Cop / Bad Cop "Warriors"
RECORD REVIEW Bad Cop / Bad Cop Warriors (Fat Wreck Chords) ______________________ I believe only TWO  things in life  —   Jesus Christ is King of Kings,  and if thrown into a bar fight,  Bad Cop / Bad Cop would totally  shank a bitch without  even thinki...

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RECORD REVIEW: Jule Vera "Waiting on the Sun"
RECORD REVIEW Jule Vera Waiting on the Sun (Weekday Records / Sony Music) ______________________ It was sometime back in the late  '80s  when I asked a (then) up- and- coming indie artist to to classify  his  band's  style. The  rather  annoyed singer and...

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"Bus Stop" by Bryce Willey (Guest Feature)
Bus Stop by Bryce Willey (Guest Feature) _______________________ My ol' pal Bryce Willey has returned from his extended MIA status to deliver his latest feature. _______________________ When did someone decide to name happiness? When did someone decide ...

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MOVIE REVIEW: Wonder Woman
MOVIE REVIEW Wonder Woman (DC Films / 141 Minutes / PG-13) ________________________ In only its first few days of release, the film already is a blockbuster . And across the  board,  it' s  being hailed by  critics and smart  people as  a  magnificent  ci...

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RECORD REVIEW: Bush "Black and White Rainbows"
RECORD REVIEW Bush Black and White Rainbows (Zuma Rock Records) _________________________ These '90s-era rock poster  boys never  meant jack  to me. U n til now. _________________________ In my mind,  Bush  merely was one of those dopey '90s bands with ...
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