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Danielle A (The Handmade Mum)
Mum of two boys, blogger, crafter, procrastinator!
Mum of two boys, blogger, crafter, procrastinator!


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Oops, it seems I failed to keep it going with blogtober! I've decided linkys aren't really for me anymore as I just do not have the time, and any time I may have I am often too tired to think straight let alone type anything readable. Time is definitely som...

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Blogtober: Date
Date I'm sure that's word I used to know the meaning of My mind's a little hazy as it's been so long! It's funny, people say you should still date when you have kids, and yes, whilst I agree, it's not always as easy as that.  Since we have 3 kids, one of wh...

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Blogtober: Car
As you may have read in my 1st Blogtober post, I don't drive.  So although technically I own the car (well lease) I actually don't drive at all.  I NEED to start lessons again, I had them when I was 17 and then just stopped, no real reason in particular, I ...

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Blogtober: Babies
Babies. That word might but the fear of God into some people, but for my husband and I we knew it was something that we wanted. Admittedly at 19 when we found out I would be expecting on my 20th birthday it was a bit of a shock to the system, we were scared...

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Blogtober: All about me
I've been off the ball with blogging of late so thought this little challenge would be good! I'm doing an A-Z of me. A Alex He's our eldest son, and nearly 8 years old. He's almost catching me up height-wise (up to my chin), a lively soul and very much into...

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Behaviour charts vs jars
I can't believe that it's been 21 weeks since Zachary entered the world! It's been crazy, fun, at times a little hard to juggle everything but I wouldn't change it for the world. You may have read my last post   about our challenging behaviour from the olde...

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The hardest weeks of my life
Being a Mum  parent brings lots of challenges and guilt. Once you've cracked one problem there's swiftly another to be solved.  I knew adding a 3rd baby into the mix would make family dynamics change and get more difficult. I knew balancing 3 children would...

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Baby haze. The early days
Every one says the early days of a new born are hard but I don't think anyone can actually prepare you for it! The final weeks of pregnancy take their toll on your body both physically and mentally topped with labour (no matter how long or not it is) so whe...

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Our water birth
Throughout this pregnancy and probably the one with Sam also I was tempted to try a water birth. Unfortunately with Sam the pool rooms were taken which made me want to try it more so this time around, particularly as this is our last baby (unless anything d...

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Our 3rd birth story
So if you haven't already you may want to read my previous post to catch up... The midwife quickly filled up the pool for me whilst I sucked in the gas and air through the now piercing contractions. I was a little bit out of it when James and the midwife wa...
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