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Why should I believe that?
Why should I believe that?

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A story worth reading: The Thousand Year Romance Of Clover The Clever, by Benman

Clover the Clever has found a love so pure and true that no pony can stop it. But even the greatest love cannot conquer death itself.

So Clover will /keep looking/ until she finds something that /can/.

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I've just submitted an Internet-Draft to the IETF, at . If it makes it through the whole editing process, it will take an existing file format used for identity-description and extend it to allow crypto algorithms to be used for identity-/assertion/. It may not seem like much, but it could help resolve some of the issues with having to absolutely trust the root certificates of hierarchical certificate authorities, ease announcing the revocation of obsolete PGP keys, and allow for canonical identity-strings other than email addresses.

This is still a draft and not yet officially adopted as an RFC, so I welcome any and all useful feedback and criticism.

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As Dee and her nakama build a colony for themselves in the asteroids, they find a need for a workhorse vessel - and design a class of spaceship which fills all their needs, and then some.

The inital model used for the first trips, the SF-0 "Zip", had a somewhat different drive configuration than became standard. Once it was rebuilt with the new manufacturing processes available on the V-type asteroids, it was redesignated the SF-1 "Love". The next ships sharing the design were the SF-2 "Unity", SF-3 "Imagination", SF-4 "Napier", SF-5 "Ludolph", and SF-6 "Euler". Most official markings are English written in the Unifon script.

Crew: 8
Dry Mass: 135 tonnes
Typical fuel mass: 240 tonnes
Rated cargo mass: 440 tonnes
Main thruster (antiproton-catalyzed n-6Li Microfission):
Standard Duty Cycle:
~700 hours thrust per year (8%)
Max delta-vee per year: 150 km/sec
Propellant used per year: 200 tonnes of water
Force: 12.8 kN
Acceleration, full tanks and full cargo: 0.0016 gravities
Acceleration, full tanks: 0.0035 gravities
Acceleration, empty tanks: 0.0075 gravities
Isp: 48,000 seconds
Exhaust Velocity: 480 km/sec
High-Thrust Duty Cycle:
~450 hours thrust per year (5%)
Max delta-vee per year: 180 km/sec
Propellant used per year: 244 tonnes of water
Force: 25.6 kN

From left to right: Non-aerodynamic lander; containerized cargo; small heat radiators for hab section; main comm antenna; a pair of counter-rotating sections, each with three inflatable habitat modules; the main boom and radiators, with tanks for water-propellant inside the boom; and the main drive.

Artwork by .

Further details:

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The Highland Dance, art by DekabristMouse

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"Space Cadets", painted by DekabristMouse ( ); he's currently accepting new commissions, and charges an insanely low amount for them, so if you like this image, head on over and let him know. :)
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