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Trixiee “Trix” Trixologist
Teaching Trixology to the Masses
Teaching Trixology to the Masses


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Exactly what I needed to know - thank you very much!

17th hour of @Cloud0621Games streaming Vindictus live for 24 hours! Check it out now   #Vindictus #MMORPG #mmo

Mark your calendars. Tomorrow at 1:30 PDT Vindictus will broadcast real players doing their Vindi grind. Tune in to their Twitch channel: See you there

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+Trixologist  +Ares Rage  This is a guildies in game cosplay of that TV show the Vikings.  Great job AllyKilla way to represent Inner Sanctum.

Check out the Ingame-Cosplay Database for the worlds largest selection of Vindictus Cosplays.

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