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December 2013
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Keenan Birthday Bash - Nov2, 2013
Keenan 1st Birthday Bash - Nov 2, 2013
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Starting my Blog from scratch ... 

Bragging about my totally amazing Caleb Kid....

No pictures - but a long story. Wanted to share 'cause I am sooooo proud .... 

Seeing that Caleb's mom is a bit pre-occupied with Caleb's new sister, Caleb's Opa and Nana looked after him today. We had him out in the living room stark naked and I said to Caleb (only once !! ) - " you wanna have a bath, go to the bathroom for your bath". Caleb totally turned himself around and "marine crawled" himself more than half way to the bathroom - never bumped his head, never showing frustration - just determination to get there, laughing and shouting triumphantly all the way . We helped him the last few feet ( which he actually walked supported). I am beyond words of how proud I am of this determined little beggar... Yeah for the Caleb Kid. 

p.s. He had a fab time in the bathtub    ;)

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2012-02-03 (13 photos)
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