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Not sure if you guys read the book or have seen this talk.  Talks about how faulty perceptions increase irrational behaviors.

Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our own decisions?
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Most, if not all, of Dan Ariely's highly interesting research, ideas and teaching illustrates the huge importance of our Subconscious Mind.

Individuals, organizations and societies tend to see themselves (ourselves) as mainly reasonable, while in reality we're far more driven by subconscious influence than we normally realize.

Dan's work and his great talent to express deeper concepts in simple language, contribute largely to the quality of life.

Thank you for sharing, +Greg Wills.

Thank you for all, +Dan Ariely
Do you think it is possible to train ones self to bring the subconscious thoughts to the conscious level?  Of course with varying degrees of success.  Would anyone disagree that the totality of research would support that statement?  I am just wondering how these re-conversions of differentiated disciplines in science will effect how MD's prescribe in 5 or 10 years, once or if the DSM-V gets released.  Sorry, I will always have a public good perspective and one of a skeptic.  I have watched to much change to think it will stay this way for long.
Interesting questions, +Greg Wills. Here my vision on the first one.
Simply becoming aware of the existence and impact of the Subconscious Mind opens the door to it's tremendous treasures. Using the rule of tump that about 95% of 'mind power' is subconscious, we can improve our Conscious Mind by about 20% if we could only tap 1% of the subconscious mind (1% of 95% is about 20% of 5 %).

I've thought many, many people, teams and organizations to consciously use the subconscious mind, always with amazing results: people embarque almost instantly in a discovery tour that changes their quality of life substantially.

Thanks, on an individual level would you say techniques like meditation and yoga, focusing exercising  increases the ability to disconnect from the emotion side and allow space for the rational mind to peak at the subconscious?  I have not seen a large enough study to be conclusive  but it seems that is the suggestion but the totality of the data I remember.  I guess I am wondering if it is possible to make the case for self correction of faulty perception in ones thought process without sustained medication, through the use of friends and lifestyle choices?  Because, at least from my perspective in Atlanta, Ga patients are not being given the perspective that there is any solution to the problem besides medication.  This could be my faulty perception, but I am well aware how the professional licensing boards work down here.
About DSM-5.
The abbreviation should better be DSMMD-5 since the full name is 'Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders'. The difference is important since what is most needed for the future is a DSMMO: a 'Descriptive and Supportive Manual of Mental Order', ( or even better, an MMO, Manual for Mental Order) that can be used for education and prevention.

Prevention and education are THE challenge for the future of Healthcare. Without it the system will go bankrupt probably sooner than later.

Formally 'No Health without Mental Health' is the official standpoint of the World Health Organization and of most countries for almost 10 years. It's astonishing how little has been accomplished in this timespan. In contrary: Mental Health has become the #1 global health problem (source World Economic Forum).

Do you agree It's time for a wake-up call?
Absolutely, however that wake up call also needs to include a reexamination of some of the legislative and systemic faulty assumption.  I understand the reason to view certain things as a disease in a clinical setting but the wording for public and legislation should not included such vague subjective language.  It allows morality to get in the way of effective treatment on a societal level.  Why we allow non medical experts to make these decisions is beyond me but we stop somewhere along the lines. If we changed the wording from illness and disease to disorder and natural human variance, from addiction to adaptation, you remove the morality and many obstacles to treatment.  So if you are asking if I am ready to debate this in the public square. Absolutely.  I wonder if it will matter.  I already have a BP-II Dig on me, I cause to much trouble, I get a way one trip to a padded holding room for 72 hours.  That kind of limits my ability for civil disobedience in today's climate!  So I write hoping to make a peaceful difference, to turn the tide..  So yeah I am ready are you! I do this for free because I have no choice.  I am Poe, I am Chicken Little, but the Sky is Falling, there is institutional genocide in this country based on genetics and it has to stop!
You're absolutely right, Greg. Healthcare seems to be hijacked by the pharmaceuticals nowadays. That's quite bad since neuro-plasticity has in the meantime taught that the natural production of neuro-transmitters by the body's inner pharmacy diminishes when they become available from external resources.

On the long term it's in the best interest of everyone - ethical pharmacy companies included - to substantially stimulate prevention and education in a mind-body approach, combining fitness, yoga, meditation etc with Meta-Mind programs like those of +Dan Ariely, our own MindRvolution programs (www.MindRVolution.com) and others. Last but not least such an approach would presumably boost the job-satisfaction of most practitioners...
On your last comment, Greg: I couldn't agree more. I am deeply touched by what you write and feel (and share) the emotion.
How needed it is that people like you and me continue to speak loudly. I'm with you and so are many, many others. Hopefully the Internet will help 'all of us' to join forces!
I absolutely agree and maybe I would have finished my psy'd if that was the case.  If we get there from here......, lol, I will be amazed! Tall order with big ego's and greed.  Our track record is not good.  Has there ever been a case where rights have been granted or re-granted to a section of the population without blood and legal battles?  So I can give blood, what can you give?  Sorry do not mean you.  Using it figuratively, I see you as authority  more powerful than I.  I have been on the front lines of this fight doing 12th step calls.  I have seen good people die trying to help.  I will gladly march to my death the same way, but on my way out...  I have those emotional scares.  I just hope the trend of less violence continues!  I need a legal disclaimer here:  I am a pacifist do not shoot!   I am the patriot Jefferson Spoke of that I got banned for!  It is what he meant by the blood of patriots, civil disobedience against authority.  MLK added the peace side and Occupy added the cheap side.  But look what happened there!  Why did the same not happen with the tea party? That is not a disease even if it acts like one, if there is not a pathogen.....logic dictates...    You know the real question on my mind, was D.C. better when it was a crack den?  At least then they were among the people!  Sorry got a little emotional.  Not often I vent.
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