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Beauty should be sensed, not explained
Beauty should be sensed, not explained

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Hey some new content!

I got to shoot with the awesome @melancholiacosplay at Fan Expo in Toronto last year. Right now I'm working on preparing with +Hemant Shewnarain, +joshua clifford, and +Michael Lane for our Anime North photobooth, while planning on doing more outdoor shooting too. If you're planning attending, cosplaying, shooting, whatever, feel free to come on by!

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Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of posting the last while. I've been focusing on reposting some work on that other network and talking about the upcoming photobooth +joshua clifford, +Michael Lane, +Hemant Shewnarain, and myself are running at +Anime North this year. So trying to reach out to our audience and I noticed I've missed posting a couple of images over here (I try to avoid reposting stuff from before, but missed a few I haven't :p )

Anyways, the is Melancholia Cosplay doing an adorable gijinka Sylveon Pokemon. She's one of the most positive and enjoyable people to work with, always quick with a comment and a laugh. We shot this at Fan Expo last year and just had a blast. So much so we've worked together a few times since, and hoping to do more this year!

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We talk about long exposure, focus stacking, and big photos...8 locations, 500TB of data each on 1,000+ HD's, all to be flown to one location and merged, just to see if we got a photo of a black hole....

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Hey everyone
Today is brought to you by hair and makeup artist extraordinaire Anouchka Leblanc! Anouchka is from France, and had been in Ontario for school, and was awesome enough to answer a post looking for help on a photoshoot. She came in and did this amazing makeup job for it, and while we were talking, I managed to get her to agree to do a shoot of her own! Luckily we were able to find the time before she went back home, and had some fun in studio, even creating a "Mabelene" shot lol.
Oh and that's right, I shot me an "international model" haha j/j. Anouchka really
is awesome, as she does both hair and makeup, and as you can see, looks amazing in front of the camera too! Meeting these awesome people is one of the reasons I love photography.

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Yep, I fell behind again in posting lol. Over on that other network, I got a new page put together, posting a lot of old work there, didn't feeling like flooding teh same stuff here. So G+ gets my new stuff...which is actually and old shoot from a day out with +Marjorie McDonald, +Lena Dawood, +Ron Clifford, and the musically, artistically, brilliant +Bethany Clifford. I was playing with the DeFocus control on my Nikon 105mm DC for this shot, pushing that almost blurry feeling. It creates a very unique haloing effect which just makes it feel surreal.

Anyways, Ron, Beth and I were driving around for a bit, stopping randomly and shooting....hence the album title :P

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Hey Everyone. Just updating the galleries on my site, and noticed I didn't have this one public on there. So I'm adding it. Taken for the Somniatis II Wearable Art show in support of the +Orillia Museum of Art & History.
Design by Ruth Germain
Model: Kayla Mahomed

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Heya everyone

Sorry for the silence here, been focusing on getting my page on that craptastic network everyone is on. But today I bring you something new, a new model, and friend, Anastasia Lev! She has modeling experience, definitely played into the high fashion feel of things, and well, I got to frame her! :P

This was taken at a little gathering at the @Crooked House Studio (Instagram) hosted by the incredible +Ron Clifford. Such fun times at these things.

Anyways, I'll try to keep in touch more here.

Oh and happy International Women's Day!

#fashionmodel #framedphotography #crookedhousestudios #fakefur #winterfashions

So I'm in a bit of a conundrum with my work flow. Over the past bunch of years I've been working with +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to manage my website and photos on +Google+. I would use a publishing plugin by +Jeffrey Friedl to upload to each, and then post. This made it really easy to control what images were up online, to change my website, retire old images, etc. I looked in Lightroom, checked the collections, and could add or remove images based on what keywords were there.

The one thing that made it work on G+ is that the old photos platform was based on Picasa, which Jeffery had built a brilliant plugin for. When google brought out +Google Photos they warned us that the Picasa support was going away. That's ok though, they should release an API for a Google Photos right?......nope. Apparently the powers that be are now not so friendly to coders outside the realm.

Well ok, so time to find a work around. Jeffery has another plugin for +Google Drive. Google Drive can see Google photos, should be able to go the other way around right? Yes you can!....if you're using a personal account, not a business one! WTH, businesses need MORE abilities and functions to manage their work, not less. Oh, and add to it the "NEW" Google+ image selection tool no longer gives you the ability to pull from Google Drive either! That picker/uploader is lacking in SOOO many ways. No searching, no albums, no Google Drive!

So....Dear Google, you know I love you, have been a fan and user for a crazy long time. But this current streak of decisions is frustrating and just makes EVERYONE'S usage harder. Your UI is now MORE confusing, because you stripped out too much, pulled things too far apart, and there seems to be no direction or cohesive feel any more.

As for my issue, I'll figure something out, but really, you need some UI help, some consistency help, and revamp back to the old ways when they all felt cohesive. 

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Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posting...again. I have been setting up the new work computer and figuring out a workflow all over again (old laptop is still running at home with my library of photos on it, this one has to tie into that's a mess lol)

Anyways, we've been getting more sun later in the day lately, and I've driven home during a few great sunsets. So in celebration of more sun, I thought I'd go back to Anime North of last year and a shoot I did with +Tanisha Minson of Requip Cosplay.

Here she is doing the character Chloe from Life is Strange, a video game that deals with high school, non traditional relationships, and time travel powers! Yes it sounds strange, hence the title, but it really really works.

Oh and speaking of Anime North, don't forget Sixth Sense Photo will be there with +Michael Lane, +Hemant Shewnarain, +joshua clifford, and myself at our photobooth and doing shoots! So if you want your own Golden Hour shoot, give us a shout!

Until then, enjoy the sun!
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