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Christina Gardner

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Why are the background icons in folders white.

Does anyone know what happened to the option in contacts that allowed you to send calls from a specific contact straight to voicemail? I know there was an update recently to the contacts app, and can no longer find that option. Any ideas?

I have the Pixel XL, and on Android O DP3. Has anyone had issues with their Messenger app? Like mine sometimes I have to back in and out to be able to start a conversation, or my weird one is the vibrate has been randomly turning off on it's own. Any thoughts? I have reset the data on the Messenger app. 

I truly hate you, and I cannot wait for the day that I don't care I feel that way.

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I love the weekends 😁 For once it's peaceful and calm

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This battery tho' 😍 #Google #PixelXL Lovin' it
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Got my Pixel XL way before I thought. So far me loves it 👍 #PixelXL #Google

Got my Pixel XL case and screen protector today. Now just to wait for the actual phone 😟 #GooglePixel #Excited #CantWait

My thoughts on Allo? Dumb and pointless #Disappointed
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