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"You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."
-Steve Jobs

Beautifully taken out of context from Steve Jobs' 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University, California.

I'm playing a very cool gig this Friday (tomorrow) 8-11pm at the Central Wine Club in Hong Kong with DJ Gie on elecronics and Oscar Azahar on saxophone. Google + doesn't like to embed facebook events so here's the long link:

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Here's a shorter, more colorful selection of images from Cheung Chau Island featuring +Louisa Noble .

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This vertical farm, named Alpha Farm, premiered at the Manchester International Festival early this summer and is one of very few that have been created in the world. This farm is a major revolution for an everyday activity - eating. Since I quite like to eat, I'm quite interested in this project. Give it some love by sharing the video and take a minute to comprehend what vertical farms can do for cities, especially a super dense place like Hong Kong.

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Björk has released another album (called Biophilia) this time with a very educational aspect to it which is ten ipad apps to accompany each of the ten songs on the album. I'm looking into getting an Ipad soon (for my photography work, client meetings etcetera) and plan to use some of Björk's apps for music teaching. I highly recommend reading this article and getting a feel for what Björk is trying to teach kids around the world.

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Beautiful Diptych from a series by photographer Jason Travis where he creates portraits of people with accompanying images of what's in their bag. Thanks for the link +Louisa Noble

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Scenic weekend on Cheung Chau.
Cheung Chau, Summer 2011 (50 photos)
50 Photos - View album
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