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Cheshire Noir
"Curiouser and Curiouser!" Cried Alice
"Curiouser and Curiouser!" Cried Alice

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So our local Chinese (Springs Chinese) is doing yum cha. It's good! Very good!

This could be bad for my waistline...

Wait, have people started using this again?

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My latest "complete" project from my time at Artifactory. Made from 6mm MDF using Swarf-o-mat. Huge thanks to the Artifactory Gang (esp Skot) for their assistance.
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via +Jay Dalziel
Humble Synapse Bundle! I bought this one last time and it has some EXCELLENT games in it. Trine is AWESOME and I am looking forward to the sequel when it comes out

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Oh yeah... 1 week to VillainCon I'm running this.

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One month to Villaincon!:

Anyone out there know how to get any C64 emu to load snapshots? Wanna monut a disk and load a snapshot to be "instant on" for the game.

If you are reading this, and you aren't in any of my circles, please be aware that THIS IS NOT FACEBOOK! There is no kudos for having eleventy billion "friends" like a latter day pokemon.
I will not add you to my circles if I have no idea who you are. I will block you. If you think I should know who you are and I haven't added you, e-mail me or message me to tell me who the heck you are!

Anybody got a spare "Steel Battalion" controller lying about in their attic they don't want any more?

Feeling rather retro today. Listening to Art of Noise:Paranoimia (Feat Max Headroom)
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