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JD “Cyan” Thayn
Tech enthusiast | Gamer | Audiophile | Overall nerd | Member of many fandoms | Demigirl
Tech enthusiast | Gamer | Audiophile | Overall nerd | Member of many fandoms | Demigirl

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Android O's new notification shade transitions are super satisfying to watch in slo-mo.

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Pujie Black is completely Android Wear 2.0 compatible. You can use up to 16 different complication providers on one single preset! Run fully standalone and import all the Presets available directly on your watch!

Get it here:


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Friggin finally!
OK, this is now the best feature of O! We can finally snooze notifications!!!!!!!!!!!! I've wanted to be able to do this for so long.

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+Google's Family Link is amazing, I just set it up for my son. It's easily the most polished Google product ever.

We'll have a full post tomorrow, but here are a few images.
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Heeeey! I did this in my free time 😁
It's a big concept, the last one I will do of Google, now for real.
I remade all the ecosystem of apps, and redesigned most of them. Some of these you already saw in previous posts but there are a lot of new concepts inside 😏 (Including: Google Home, Compass, Street View, Classroom, Trips, Android Wear & more)

I didn't crop the photos because the lack of time, sorry.

Check the project on Behance:

#materialdesign   #google   #android   #redesign   #concept   #apps  
Android Redesign
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Get ready to kick 2016 in the nuts, 2017 update is being released for manufacturing, ota zip will be up soon.

I hope you can achieve everything in 2017.
Hopefully we can achieve a lot together too. 

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Idea to avoid staying in the bathroom browsing +Reddit for too long.

1. Fill mouth with mouthwash. Preferably the strong type.
2. Enter bathroom.
3. See how long you can survive.

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Say hello to Waymo—the next chapter of the Google self-driving car project! Waymo stands for a new way forward in mobility. After 8 years at Google, we're stepping out today as an independent self-driving technology company.

Over a year ago, we invited an old friend, Steve Mahan, for a ride. Steve had ridden in our cars in the past—first accompanied by a test driver in 2012 and then on a closed course in 2014. This time was different. Steve experienced the world’s first truly self-driving ride on public roads, navigating everyday traffic with no steering wheel, no pedals, and no test driver. This ride is just the beginning of what Waymo hopes to bring to the world.

Learn more at and watch the video at

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Google discloses major Windows bug, patches Chrome to protect users

Ten days ago Google reported a bug to Microsoft. The bug itself is very specific — allowing attackers to escape from security sandboxes through a flaw in the win32k system — but it’s serious enough to be categorized as critical, and according to Google, it’s being actively exploited. Google has patched Chrome to protect their users.
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