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One photo a day, my daily dose of vitamins :)
One photo a day, my daily dose of vitamins :)

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If you have a Facebook business, photography or even a fan page, you may want to check this out.


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This is going to be my new best friend... Google's new unsubscribe button for those unwanted emails.

I am not sure how or when I subscribed to all these junk but daily I spend good amount of time going through my emails and deleting them. Sometimes it's a pain to find that "unsubscribe" link. 

#Google #Gmail

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"Live simply, so that other people can simply live" #inspirational

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Very nicely put! I agree Google+ is like going to a new big city. Roam around the city and find what interest you. Soon you'll realize the city has more to offer or you can just stay home and not experience any of it.
Social Networking: The Empathy Graph
I've written a lot about how Google should ditch the social graph for the interest graph. This week something new emerged. While some of my circles were discussing the #waronwords and how the most recent Google+ redesign favored graphics over text, a whole other communtity was writing about "How Google+ Changed My Life". As it turns out, sometimes strangers are more supportive than friends. Why? Because we don't carry any preconceived notions about you.

I discovered that while I've been mapping an interest graph, I've been developing an empathy graph.

Google+: A Sharing Network
I prefer to call Google+ a sharing network rather than a social network. A social network presupposes that an existing relationship must exist before one can share. "Sharing with friends" is very narrow worldview. In contrast, on a sharing network, relationships evolve as the result of your engagement; relationships are not the prerequisite for sharing.

On an old social network you check in with your friends to see if they are doing anything interesting. On a sharing network, you notice interesting things being said and begin interacting with the people who said them.

Escape from the Tyranny of Small Town Life
Facebook is like the small town that you couldn't wait to grow up and get out of. Everyone knows you and watches your every move. Sure there's friends and family. But there's also gossip, backbiting, and bullying. Those close to you expect you to act a certain way; when you try to break out of your rut, they accuse you of not being yourself. You are defined by your past history and every slight is remembered.

Google+ is the bustling city you escape to. Everyone is a stranger. But, oh, the excitement! The information overload is overwhelming but invigorating. You lurk. You go to a few hot spots. You hang around. You take classes. Pretty soon you notice certain people who catch your attention. You give them a friendly nod. You strike up a conversation.

In the big city, we are free to be ourselves precisely because we do not know each other. We aren't carrying the baggage of our past nor are we weighed down by obligations for the future. We are socializing without our usual social strictures. We are not constrained by old expectations. We are not defined by our past history. We can encourage someone without worrying how their decisions affect personally. In short, we can accept each other in this moment, in this conversation.

So, Google+. Stop telling me how I can share with my friends. Sure. You already provide the tools for people who want to do the Facebook thing. But you can do so much more. Be so much more. We came to you because we reject the Facebook model. Let's create something entirely new.

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Note: +Chris Pirillo Our Google+ experience doesn't "suck". Here's why.

* G+ Has Changed My Life (For the Better)
"I'm tired of opposing idiots and bigots, I want to build with people who want to build a better world."
+Ted Ewen

* G+ Is My Tool to Change Life
+Youssef Hachhouch responds to Ted's post.

Google+ makes it possible to dump toxic relationships without the drama of publicly "unfriending" someone.

* Getting Personal
"My ultimate decision to move to G+ also coincided with the OWS movement, and I know the precise moment I made the decision to leave FB after observing a similar bullying taking place amongst friends of mine who were polarized by the real world brutality OWS was making apparent...leaving FB to get away from the endless sniping that was happening amongst an extended group of people I thought would have behaved differently...I moved to G+ at what was possibly the lowest moment in my personal life and in a way being here kept me alive."
+P E Sharpe

I was tormented by Facebook for years. The job I had required me to be on it professionally. Privately I got stalked by all those past 'friends' that just had to share everything but the ideas I'm interested in." +Youssef Hachhouch (comment on P E Sharpe's post)

* Lessons Learned in Life on FB
‎"In life you’ll meet a lot of mean and disrespectful people. If they hurt you, tell yourself that it’s because they've got issues and you're on a different level than they are. That will help keep you from reacting to their insensitivity. Because there is nothing worse than bitterness and vengeance. Walk away, keep your dignity and always be true to yourself."
+Paulissa Kipp

"On Facebook I was lonely among friends, so lost in their Lists of people they shared a more superficial connection to, often never having met in real life, that they lost contact with the quality people. So far, at least, G+ is a more tightly knit and supportive community where "strangers" find each other through passions and interests, and a desire to see this place succeed." +Eli Fennell (comment on +Mike Elgan's post)

Our social graph relationships are mostly accidents of proximity. Do we want to be stuck with people just because our paths crossed once upon a time?

* Facebook is anchored in the past
"'I need more interesting friends.' ...said unthinkingly it gives a very false idea of the differences between these two social networks, as if Google were anti-social. The problem really lies in that Facebook, due to how it works, is anchored in the past, and Google+ -- and I'm not sure if it was intentional or a product of its users -- works in the social network of the present... aah! did you think I'd say future? but no, I think this is present day reality, even if only at its beginnings."

"On Facebook, we're scandalized by those 150 friends that people have (on average), "who has 150 friends in real life? this is stupid!" and they're right, we have a lot of connections, but very few "real" friends, and Facebook doesn't encourage us to change any of that. In Google, it's the other way around, "where you going with 50 persons in your circles, you ass! That's why you're saying it's dead!", because here the network that is formed around you is made of smaller links, but more numerous: our armour is lighter, a better fit and protects us better."
+Daniela Huguet Taylor

* Google+ should ditch the social graph
"Google+ is not going to beat Facebook at its own game. It's going to beat Facebook by changing the game. It's going to beat Facebook by understanding that people aren't using the Internet as a tool to map their existing lives. The Internet is an entirely different landscape in which we live and form new relationships."

So onward, pioneers!

* Facebook Connections Don't Always Make People Happy
"I never feel, here, like I'm lost in the noise, rather I feel like I'm a valued fellow traveler in a new frontier. I wonder if this is how the folks who migrated along the Oregon Trail to new homelands felt about their own "pioneer community"?"
+Eli Fennell

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This is by far one of the best stop-motion video and the song is nice too.

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The best answer to what Google Plus is.
Google Plus is NOT a Social Network

I am getting tired of hearing Google Plus referred to as a social network, it isn't. Calling it such misrepresents the place and begs for comparison to FB. The thing is, FB and G+ are not in the same game.

Google is a super-convention/expo/trade-show. Just about anything you are into is represented her in some form and if it isn't you can set up a table and spread the word. Want a Robot convention? We got you covered there are even robot parties, just ask +Erin RobotGrrl. Want it to be a tech convention? Head on over to the +TWiT booth or mingle with +Leo Laporte +Robert Scoble +Mike Elgan or any of the multitude of other like minded individuals. You could also head to the lobby and talk +Tech and Coffee with +Eddie Allard and the gang. Want it to be a News Convention? Head on over to News Alley where you can visit the tables of +KOMU 8 News +My Fox LA +Fox News +CNN International +Al Jazeera English or any of the rest. Mingle with the likes of +Sarah Hill +Maria Quiban +Tshaka Armstrong etc. Why not head over to Artist Alley and visit the plethora of artists here. Have your picture drawn by +byron rempel +Mike Searle +Tim Clary and the rest of the +Plustastic crew.

Naturally a convention of this magnitude needs those who curate content such as +Guy Kawasaki and +Johnathan Chung

Or those who can help us make sense of the place like +Dan McDermott +Peter G McDermott and the like.

We also need those who interview others in the space such as +matthew rappaport of +Hangout Conversations or +Bruce Garber and +Jennifer Buck of +Hangin' with Jennifer. There is also +Tim Moore and +Kelly Burnette of +Who CARES ? and many many more.

Now although Google Plus is a bustling convention of every stripe, there is a small catch. Since it is a virtual convention, it is like it were taking place in a holodeck (google it). When you first enter the convention center its empty. You have to tell it what kind of convention you want it to present to you. You do this by circling people. google tries to give you a head-start by using the information it has available (such as gmail contacts) and suggesting people to you.

Google also presents you with a Suggested User List comprised of people representative of various convention types. The list contains mostly those who are already established externally in order to increase the likelihood of you knowing them. Peppered among the celebs are some who made a name for themselves here such as +Daria Musk.

Once you have a baseline of people circled you can start interacting. The more you do the more of the convention becomes known. Since it is all types of conventions simultaneously there is much intermingling and this is fertile ground for discovery. You might just find that you have more in common with some people than you thought.

It is entirely up to you to let the G+ holodeck know which convention(s) to present to you. If you don't than you get +Ghost Town Google plus and have no one but yourself to blame.

Just like its meatspace counterpart, the G+ convention has all types of attendees. You have those who wish to demonstrate their wares and have one or more booth for that purpose. You have others who just want to look around and see what others are up to. You have those who want to get swag. You have those looking to network. You have those who came with family and don't mingle much outside those they already know.

There are seminars and gaming tables and on and on.

Best of all, unlike it's real world counterparts, tables and attendance at the G+ Convention are free.

So I say it is time we reframe the description of g+ to a more apt one. Then maybe, just maybe G+ will make sense to a lot more people and +Vic Gundotra's baby won't be constantly compared to the interactive scrapbook that is FB and it's population will grow that much faster.

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Pretty clever ad campaign by a French organization Union des Photographes Professionals, for Photographers' rights. This ad is simply brilliant and shows how photographers pretty much gets rear-ended.
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