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Hello to a new blog, and this was my first post!

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Here's what I think about writing!

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Am I doing this right?
After stressing for months on end, I have finally applied to go to university for a course which I'm pretty sure I'll love. The university that I've accepted as my first choice is located in an area that I can really see myself living in. It's not a busy ci...

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First Draft - Chapter Seven (working progress)
Oscar My Grandpa
once said to me, “The more you fear the unseen, the more likely it is to be
revealed.” He said it so out of the blue during the six o’clock news. You could
almost see his grey-blue eyes go out of focus as his mind drifted, carried by
his ow...

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First Draft - Chapter Six
Bethany Jeff had picked up the speed. “Let’s go,” I grabbed Oscar’s
hand and tugged him in the direction of the deck. Once we got up there and sat
down, you could really feel the weight of the wind, and it felt so freeing and
fresh as it swept my hair out o...

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First Draft - Chapter Five
Jeff I began to feel less numb and
more elated. There was nothing I enjoyed more than being out on my
grandfather’s boat as a child. Every single Sunday he’d take me out on his old runabout.
Being here also made me feel nostalgic and a little emotional. But...

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3 words: True Love, Betrayal, War. A part of  the 'Flash Fiction Challenge' by Chuck Wendig. I am very new at this and 18 years old.... So just stick with me guys...
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