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Kartik Hegde
A Computer Architecture enthusiast.
A Computer Architecture enthusiast.
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My Thoughts.

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Are We On The Verge of Next Hardware Revolution?
Intel 8080 , an early CPU design from Intel in 1970s powered one of the first Personal Computers,  Altair 8800 . Following commercial success of desktop computers created the whole new industry of software development. Significant evolutions in hardware des...

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Software developers, grab your coffee + check out this helpful guide to installing #Android on #Juno  ---> +ARM's first #64bit Development Platform!


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Parallel Computing on FPGAs
           The Parallel Computing community is on the verge of a major Paradigm shift! GPUs and multi-core processors, which are the work horses of parallel computing are now facing a challenge from FPGAs! Modern FPGA development boards, equipped with power...

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OpenCL- Accelerating Image Processing Executions
          Hello! Few months ago, I was trying to do a matrix transformation of images of big size, and some more mathematical computation...

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OpenCL- Understanding the Framework
With the first post in this series, we have had
a basic and formal introduction to OpenCL. We have discussed the need of
parallelism in c...
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