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Just looked down and noticed my screen was off. Everything was fine an hour ago and I had >50% battery. Now totally unresponsive. Holding crown for 10+seconds did nothing. I've had it on the charger now for half an hour... Nothing. Any ideas here? Never had an issue like this, and can't think of anything that would have happened in the last hour to cause this.

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How to fix Huawei watch bootloop issue
Stuck on a bootloop? OS is fried?

Huawei watch resuscitation for dummies:

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk, understand the steps and don't rush anything.

1- First let's try a factory reset. Connect to the charger while doing this (plug into a wall, not PC usb).

2- Put your watch in fastboot mode: long press the button until the huawei logo appears and a long vibration occurs. Right after the long vibration, release the button and click it again quickly (timing is everything). You should get to fastboot menu. From here you can tap the button to cycle options and long press to select.

3- Choose reboot-recovery, wait for the reboot and it will get you to recovery mode, where you can use swipe gestures to navigate. Select wipe data/factory reset". When finished, select "reboot system now".

2- If the watch is back to life, great! If still on a bootloop, time to go hardcore:

3- Let your watch charge even on a bootloop while you install Google SDK tools on PC (these are steps for windows PCs): (scroll down until you find "only command line tools" and install the proper version for your OS, no need to install android studio).

4- When SDK tools finishes downloading, choose the option to launch SDK manager. In SDK manager you only need to select platform tools (if you have it, update it), SDK tools (if there is an update) and usb driver. Deselect everything else, you only need these 3 installed. Press install.

5- Go here and download the latest stock images for version 6.0.1 by XDA member intersectRaven:

You need all three files. Unzip them with 7zip and you get 3 img files. Move them to the platform tools folder. It should be something like program files(x86)/android/platform-tools.

6- Now put your watch in fastboot mode again (follow step 2), this is VERY IMPORTANT. Unplug the charger from the wall and plug the usb into your PC. It should ping to tell you something connected.

7- The usb drivers you installed are from Google and not specific to the watch (but they are the same), so you must assign them manually. Go to device manager in windows. You should see a device with a warning sign (because it has no drivers), something like "android device", or even "huawei watch". Select it and choose to update drivers. Choose to install drivers already on the computer and say you want to pick from a list of installed drivers (instead of specifying the path). On that list pick "android device" or something like that. There will be 3 drivers there. Pick "android bootloader interface" and install. Your watch in fastboot mode will be installed as an android bootloader interface.

8- Now go to the platform-tools folder where you have your boot.img, recovery.img and system.img. Hold shift and right click inside the window and choose "open command line here".

9- Now run this command to check if the watch is connected correctly:

fastboot devices

you should see a code and the word fastboot if it all went well. If not, check device manager to see if the driver was correctly installed, otherwise repeat the manual assignment of the android bootloader interface drivers.

10- For this part it is important that the watch has some battery left, if you left the watch charging all this time it should be OK, but you can check with:

fastboot getvar battery-voltage

It should read something around 3700 mV. Now let's proceed. This step will unlock your bootloader and allow you to install the stock images. This will also erase every data on the watch.

fastboot oem unlock

The watch will prompt for confirmation and choose yes. Now it should say OKAY on the command line and your fastboot mode screen on the watch should say "unlocked: yes". If the watch reboots go to fastboot mode again.

11- Now confirm again that the watch is connected

fastboot devices

And now let's flash everything:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastboot flash system system.img

The last one will take more time and be split into chunks, so be patient.

12- If everything went OKAY just go ahead and clear cache because why not (optional), and reboot to see if it all went fine:

fastboot erase cache

fastboot reboot

Hopefully the watch is now back to life and the first setup screen will appear. If everything seems normal, you can remove your img files from the platform-tools folder or move them to another folder for future use if you want.

If for some reason you need to send it for warranty repairs you must enter fastboot mode again and re-lock the bootloader before you send the watch:

fastboot oem lock

And that's it. As long as the bootloader is intact, you won't brick your watch easily

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StageTech- a simple watch for those of us who sometimes work in dark environments where light pollution is undesirable but knowing the time is critical.

Tap battery level to toggle phone/watch.

Layer 25 is disabled but can be added in at opacity of your choice to reduce light output even further.
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I've developed a "stealth" face for using while doing theater production work (rather than using theater mode, because I still need to see the time.)  It's totally spoiled by the bright white "DND" indicator (of course I need to be in DND mode during a production.)  Any way to suppress this using Watchmaker or Tasker?

When using {c...} tags to reference calendar items, the watch is showing events from calendars I have de-selected from syncing in the wear app, and even ones that are hidden in my Calendar app on the phone. Funny thing is, these events are not showing in the "agenda" app on the watch- just the agenda ring on the face. Anyone have an idea what I can do to resolve this?

After reading so many stories of people losing all their faces, I grabbed the free app FolderSync and set it up to push the Beautiful Watches folder off to Google Drive nightly when on wifi and charger. Simple brainless automatic backup. I'm doing the same for Zooper, Nova and Tasker folders as well.

Am I missing something, or is it really just that easy?

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Question for the graphic designers out there: (which I am not): When using a texture for a subdial or something else that is intended to have a light flare of sorts (similar to the way light reflects off of a CD - remember those?) - I have seen examples with this effect designed in, but in that case it is static. Has anyone experimented with including this effect as a separate layer and tying it to the watch gyros so that it actually moves a bit as the watch is lifted and moved around?

I'm doing this in a recent design using triangular markers with a high opacity, and setting their rotation value as ({sgx}*20) + 125

(last number is variable based on where you want "home" for the markers to be.)

The effect is decent, but I think could be more convincing if it was purpose-designed as a layer. I don't have or use Photoshop or any similar software, so I was wondering if someone might want to experiment with this idea with/for me? See the subdials on this design for an idea of what I'm trying to do:

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Some big updates to a face I posted 2 weeks back:

As I've been learning more about what can be done with watchmaker, I've been adding functionality to this face. This is pure stock watchmaker - no added design elements. May keep tweaking but wanted to post what I've done to this point. I have many "influences" to thank for these improvements - see bottom of post.
Here's a rundown of the features:

-temp for weather
-24hr time for timer
-date for agenda
-LUM changes dim color (4 options)
-CAL toggles agenda ring
-Battery toggles watch/phone. Reverts to watch on dim.

-Agenda ring shows next 3 events
-Temp color and hand turn blue below freezing
-Battery % color and hand turn red when watch <20%

Everything I needed to know I learned from the Watchmaker Wiki, Tips and Tutorials section, and by taking apart some of the great faces posted in this community. I present this face unlocked and invite anyone who'd like to mod and repost. Please tag me so I can learn from your improvements.

I may not catch everyone here, but I'd like to acknowledge the authors of the faces I lifted code from and some others whose knowledge I've benefitted from, as best I can recall:

Gold dim color - +Rakesh Ajwani
Mint dim color & Sunset feature code - +Chris Chastain
Script to change opacity on tap - +Paul Hurst
Revert vartiable on dim - Wiki (unattributed)
Color change script - Wiki (unattributed)
Batter and temp conditional color change - Tips
Battery and phone meter swap code - +Frank Dufaux
Round temp and battery gauge code tutorial - +Stud Muffler
Agenda ring - Wiki
Rotate an object around the circle (used to make my second hand look more like the original) - Wiki (unattributed)

Thanks to everyone who posts unlocked faces here, and to the talented artists whose designs inspire. I'm excited to keep learning and creating!

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2 coding questions:

1- Any way to make a condition revert after a few seconds? Example: tap battery gauge to toggle from watch to phone. After 5 seconds gauge automatically reverts to watch.

2- any way to make a layer appear when touched then disappear when released? Example: circle with opacity of zero has tap action to change color of hands in dim mode. But you can't tell what color you set while in bright mode. Make that circle show the color you just set until you release.

Just realizing that if there is a solution to question #1 I could use that on opacity to make this work.

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Here's what I'm up to +Ryan Techau​. Original on right.

Replaced chrono subdials with temp, battery and 24hr time. Tap temp for weather, 24hr time for timer, date for agenda. There's also a darkening layer that kicks on at sunset (handy since there's no light sensor on my Huawei.)

This is stock watchmaker. I couldn't figure out how to get the second hand right with the hands I have though so I punted on that.

Also I had a hard time mimicking the "holographic" effect that the original subdials have. I've tried by using a couple markers fuzzed out and trying their rotation to the gyros. Would appreciate feedback on this effect or if there's a better way to simulate that metallic "gleam".
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