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Truth, Imagination, and Reality

When spring temperatures rise
And snow melts ever more quickly,
Rising streams of water merge,
Becoming torrents that scour banks,
Pulling away soil, rocks, brush, and trees,
I can see natural events unfolding,
And understand the processes involved,
At least in part, for some of the action
Is hidden in the muddy, tumbling chaos.

The clicking I hear through the muffling roar
Of the raging Snake is due, probably,
I surmise, for I cannot see through the mud,
The bumping together of rolling rocks,
And the hissing I detect may be from pockets of air
Being released by friction to rise to the surface.
I cannot see these things through my eyes
But I can visualize what is happening
To account for the sounds caught by my ears.

While such things may seem insignificant at first,
Following some manipulation and extension of details
I realize that visible evidence of what I could not see
Will be revealed, when water levels recede,
As scarred, heavy stones, eroded banks and uprooted shrubs,
Giving credence the principle for understanding
That these events and observations indicate a powerful process
Of gradual, constant change which is both relentless
And unstoppable, regardless of what I desire or what I think.

This is how the process of knowing, of science, works for me.

By Terry Roice
October 23, 2017
© Copyright Terry Roice 2017
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Matters of the Heart and Mind

Great tenderness is conveyed
By simply reaching out
To touch,
For in that gesture
The physical connections
Of the universe
Combine and react
Forming emotions
Of love and comfort
Which do not exist alone
As an atom or a stone.

By Terry Roice
October 22, 2017
© Copyright Terry Roice 2017
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Thoughts and actions
Marinated in bitterness
Scourge life
Spurn beauty
And subdue goodness
With a hair shirt
Of animosity.

By Terry Roice
September 3, 2017
© Copyright Terry Roice 2013
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Mental Matters

Our senses rob us of reason,
Taking advantage of weak spots
Created by habits of mind
Born of imitation,
And ennui,
Causing us to be captured
By the chaos
Of constant bombardment
With sights and sounds,
Arousing passion, stirring it,
Blurring perspective, restricting any chance
Of seeing beyond the event itself,
Distracted by the specific,
We fail to recognize the objective,
The pattern of consequence, the possibility,
And the hazard

By Terry Roice
August 28, 2017
©Copyright Terry Roice 2017
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Boiling hot an river cold
Passions rage, wild and bold,
Seize my heart, steal my mind,
Words driven as from the blind
Emotions erupt from their infusion
No escaping welcome delusion.

By Terry Roice
August 13, 2017
© Copyright Terry Roice 2017
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Dark Eclipse

The looming presence of the imminent eclipse
Frees darkness in my mind from obscuring shadows
To bury black seeds of hideous things in unholy soil.

Vicious evil now lurks here, ugly, masked, evading capture,
And plots death for sinners come to be awed
By total obliteration of earth’s life-giving sun.

Unsuspecting, victims’ heads will tilt backward,
Eyes staring upward tracking shades of night
Being drawn, sharp edged, to slice through the orb.

The murderer’s hand will stifle terrifying screams
While his killing knife severs flesh and arteries,
And camper after camper will slump in bloody death.

By Terry Roice
July 20, 2017
© Copyright Terry Roice 2017

A pending eclipse to occur on August 21, 2017, along with murderers on the loose, were the provocations for this poem. Here in Jackson, Wyoming, hordes of extra people will populate the valley which is always flooded with tourist from all over the world. However, at this particular time, at least two killers are believed to be hiding in the mountains here. What better time and place for murder to be done. All light will be gone giving both cover and opportunity for evil deeds.
July 20, 2017

Dark Questions

When air we breathe becomes superheated
As unrelentingly, extreme weather increases,
Will voiceless creatures cruelly be defeated
Even as our misguided human world deceases?

When raging rivers dry up and end their flow
Leaving behind scorching rocks, sand and thirst,
Will Gaia’s vast and varied life sadly know
That foolish, greedy men were at their worst?

When wondrous plants wither, rot, and sour
Because deadly chemicals were their tainted bath,
Will nature sere landscapes with her angry power
As vengeance for destruction from mankind’s path?

When the end looms imminent, will men weep in fear
And scream out warnings for the universe to hear?

By Terry Roice
June 21, 2017
© Copyright Terry Roice 2017

Truth Unveiled

Realities and falsehoods
Are spoken or written with the same words,
Though, by themselves,
They are neither true nor untrue.
They do convey honesty or deceit
Which we all accept
But may deny.
The paradox
Is ripe with irony,
As we do not hear
Either facts or opinions.
Rather, what we want to hear
And see
Are our perceptions,
For better or for worse.

By Terry Roice
April 8, 2017
© Copyright Terry Roice 2017
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