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I am starting a TimeWatch game tonight with the draft rules that turned up a couple of weeks ago and would be interested to hear if anyone else is running it yet and what pitfalls to watch out for. I feel solid on the core rules but I am always interested to hear from others on what to watch out for.

Tonight will likely be mostly character generation but I have part one of Behind Enemy Times prepared as well if needed. I have been holding off running this one until the rules firmed up. Looking forward to getting it rolling.

Pace of XP. Quick DM question, how much XP do you all think is normal during a session? I am in my second session most players are sitting on two xp now, they feel it would be a waste to use them on rerolls or temp/partial powers as the pace feels slow to them. I can up the pace obviously, but I was wondering what the pace was in other peoples games. I have only been giving out xp for GM intrusions and great character rp or ideas, how do you all do it?

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Inspired by +Mark Craddock here is the first of my D&D 5e backgrounds for Thule, the Quodethi Thief. This could be done using the criminal background, but I thought about the classic Thule style thieves like the Grey Mouser and found enough to make it unique enough for me. I figure this is more of a street rat thief, fast and smart. Loves or hates his guild, but it was a huge part of his background and maybe his present as well.

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Did my game preregistration for Origins yesterday and got into some games I wanted but missed out on the the only two Numenera games listed. Have a fair amount of time open open, if anyone is planning any other Numenara games at the show give me a shout.

Notes from our Space 1870 game are on my posts feed, I shared it with my gaming circle, ping me if you can't see it and want to, but I have quick mechanics question for the group. My players are older and tend to play cautiously, they are used to games that punish boldness and I am trying to get them to be more, well, pulpy. Other than rewarding fate tokens for appropriate actions relating to aspects, what methods do you all use to encourage bolder play? I don't want them going wild, there should be risk in the game, but I do want to reward proper pulp heroism.

Started a FAE Space 1889 variant with my gaming group last night. The players are playing as key members of the second expedition to leave the earth to sail the ether to the Moon and beyond. Sadly the first expedition never returned and one of the tasks is to find out what happened and rescue any survivors if there are any. I will post up general play background stuff on my game feed, but Fate wise I am seeing an issue I have seen with every Fate game I have run with anything other than Marvel Superheroes, Aspect lock. Even players with very clear visions for how a character should play seem to struggle to come up with good aspects.

How do you all coax your players to solid aspects? For some reason I don't trip with with Aspect when doing characters of my own, but I don't want to have it seem like I am designing my version of their characters so I try to hold off giving them direct examples I would use. What questions do you use to help a player frame up his aspects/stunts while still letting the player build the character to their own tastes? Do you have any go to questions or tips for the players?  We are in no crisis here, these are veteran players, but I would be grateful for any ideas on how to improve my setup for future Fate based games.

Running a kid's FAE game Sunday with Marvel Heroes as characters. I will have to pregen the characters, anyone have tips on converting superheroes to Accelerated? Villains will be the Sinister Six. Heroes requested so far are Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine and Hawkeye.  Any thoughts appreciated, not done any Accelerated before.

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The excellent folks at Angry Robots books have launched a new Young Adult imprint called Strange Chemistry. They are UK based but I get the Angry Robot stuff here in the States so I am hoping I can get Strange Chemistry stuff here as well. Angry Robot has published some brilliant books, if they do half as well with this line it should be very good indeed.

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