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Join us weekly beginning {THURSDAY’s beginning July 26th @ 7:00pm} and {TUESDAY's beginning July 31st @ 9:30am} for Y12SR ~ Yoga of 12 Step Recovery (meeting, yoga practice, guided deep relaxation & meditation). I invite you to please arrive at least 15 minutes early into the room to begin promptly @ 7pm. For your comfort do not eat at least one hour prior to start of class. Wear comfortable clothes for practice, (e.g.) pants without buckles, buttons or zippers around the waist, buttocks, back, knees or ankles...a limited # of yoga mats are available for use...If you own a mat, Please bring it...thx :)
Y12SR is an ongoing; open, safe. Sacred and inclusive meeting for everyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. We say, "All A's are welcome" Y12SR meetings integrate the cognitive (intellectual) approach of the 12 steps, along with the somatic (Body) approach of yoga and breath-work. The combination of the two adds a greater dimension addressing addiction, as the physical ~ mental and spiritual dis-ease that it truly is. Based on the Ancient principles of the 216th Yoga Sutra; "Heyam Dukkha Managatam" when translated means "future suffering can be avoided."
Research has come to find addictive behavior and those affected by this dis-ease in any way, shape or form have experienced consciously or unconsciously some sort of trauma. Y12SR works from the foundation of trauma healing. Themed "The issues live in our tissues." these classes offer you tools to recognize imbalances within yourself that lead to relapse, BEFORE it happens. Through group sharing, along with intentionally themed attainable yoga movements, breath-work and reflection; you gradually become open to the process of releasing whatever you're holding on to. For additional information visit
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